SIAE Music Tax in Sorrento...anyone know how much it is?

Can anyone shed any light on SIAE, amount and how often?

I have heard you have to pay it at The Cloister and The Reception?


  • Heather50Heather50 Posts: 121 New bride

    Hi carmen,

    i thought it didn't have to be paid at the cloisters for some rearson but I might be wrong. We're having a live band at our reception venue and the tax we need to pay to the venue (who then pay it to the governmen) is approx 350 euros.

    hope that helps a little

  • Lily31Lily31 Posts: 128

    I've been told about 250 euro which has to be paid at each venue/event. 

  • This is something I've been trying to figure out too. I believe that it doesn't need paid at ceremony as long as the music choice is really old classical and royalties are not required. And the SIAE starts from €150. But I'm finding it difficult to figure out for a DJ playing to no more than 50 guests for dancing. 

  • We are having a Violin play for two hour at the foreigners club and this is costing €100 - We are getting married in 10 weeks and haven't been told about any fee's for the cloisters!! :) 

  • The SIAE tax is calculated on how many people will be at the event, whether you are playing music via live musicians or ipod and the type of music you are playing. It's always best to take the advice of your wedding planner who can inform you of the exact amount for both the ceremony and the reception depending on the numbers of guests you have etc. Generally speaking for modern music the fee is circa 350 euros. Hope that helps.

  • you can try it's a brand new web team that deals also with SIAE tax costs and can help you about SIAE Licence request online.

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