New York wedding - please help!


I'm wondering if I can ask for some help from my fellow brides to be?

We are from the UK and hoping to get married in April 2017 in Central Park ... The only issue is I have no idea how to go about it! 

So so we have booked holidays independently before so are good with that but the thing that's worrying me is the wedding bit.

Is there any legal bits to do here before we go? How long do we need to be there before we get married? How do we go about getting someone to actually marry us? Do I approach someone based in New York? Do I just hire a wedding planner and get them to do everything? 

Also if we are getting married in Central Park we will need to sort somewhere for dinner/reception after we are thinking there will be 10 inc us maybe 15 tops.... I am stressing already as my worst nightmare is missing out something important! 

Id just really like to understand everything that is involved and how much it's all going to be 

any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for reading my long and stressy post 🙂


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    We are getting married in new York in april 2016. Have you seen the old threads on here from previous brides who have married in new York? There's two threads, with literally hundreds of posts and have lots of information on arranging exactly the sort of wedding your planning (ours is a bit different as only two of us going!)

    You have to get your marriage licence at least 24 hours before you plan to marry and can get it from the new york city marriage bureau (if you look up their site it explains it all). You don't need to do anything from the UK,  although you can fill out the licence forms online in advance.

    We are marrying at the marriage bureau so not organising an officiant, but apparently you can find them online. Lots of people in the old threads organised it all themselves and felt able to do so, although some used planners to do it for them. Although in some cases it seemed the planners complicated things and it would have been easier to do themselves, I think it depends on what you're comfortable with.

    K x

  • Hello!

    Whatever you do, make sure you fill out the Visa Waiver Form, or the ESTA, before you fly to New York.  This will prevent you from having to apply for a visa. The application is dead easy. Just google ESTA and the government website should come up. 

    Good luck! xxx

  • There's also some very detailed info on the Trip Advisor New York forum.  I think that if you marry in Central Park it's best to get a permit to guarantee that the spot you want will be available when you want it - otherwise you might turn up there to find a wedding already taking place.  This applies if you want to marry in one of the favourite spots.  See here

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    Thanks so much everyone! Is there a way to search on here to find the  old New York threads? 


    I definitely feel a little bit better about things!!! 

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    Glad ur starting to feel better about things!

    Ive never worked out how to search old threads on here so do it from google. I think the two new york threads were called 'who's marrying in new york' and 'new york - temporary thread'. There's a huge number of posts on them, but loads of useful info, I got a bit addicted to reading it!


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    Haha I can see me being the same!!


    Thanks Ka5! X

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    We've booked our flights!!!


    Does anyone have any suggestions on someone to marry us? Neither me or my fiancé are religious so would that be a humanist rather than a rev? 

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