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Sandals or Wedges for a Santorini Wedding?


I was wondering if you`d choose sandals or wedges on your wedding day?? Im getting married September 2017 in Santorini island Greece...


  • I looked for nice bridal wedges for our wedding in sorrento but couldn't find any I liked-they were either too low or from overseas websites that might have been really bad quality. Have you found some bridal wedges?

    I've gone for rainbow club nigella sandals instead (going to get them died black after the wedding) but would be interested to hear if you've found wedges! They would be ideal for walking on cobbled streets 

  • Hello Lory,


    Look Santorini has a thousand of steps so sandals will be very helpful, but you can have wedges for the ceremony and after to change those.

    We made our wedding in Dana Villas which has a lot of steps but for shooting I wear other shoes.

    We choose Ben Photography for our photos and video which are amazing, try them and you will love their work  Ben's facebook page is:

    Hope to help you!

    July :)


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