Icecream cart and DJ in Tuscany

hi all,


i was was wondering if anyone can help me. My wedding is in May 2016 and I do have a wedding planner but I feel they keep pushing the most expensive services when ever I enquirer a something. 

I really would like a cute icecream cart with bike at the wedding as I am getting married in a Tuscan garden. In the uk prices seem to be around the £250-£300 mark but the wedding planner came back with €600 + vat! Is this right? I can't seem to find any online as all are listed on Italian sites in Italian. 

Also with the photographer she kept offering ones which were €2500+. They wer really what I was looking for as all quite posed and after a bit of searching myself I found a wonderful photographer who was very natural and just €1300 all in. 

I just don't feel like I am getting the support I need in planning this abroad and don't want to go waaaayyy over budget (which is £10,000). 

i am getting married in villa Bordoni as I fell in love as soon as I arrived. they are sorting most of it but I just now need help with the little extras such as a dj, lighting for the evening and my beloved icecream cart! 

The planner has recommended The Alma Project but they seem a bit over the top for my very small wedding (20 in total) and she hasn't given a price yet.

any help will be greatly appreciated!




  • Hi Samantha, 

    I'm getting married in Umbria this summer, and can't offer any advice on ice cream people, but didn't want to read and run! We avoided using a wedding planner for exactly this reason. They do seem to have a list of suppliers and if they're not quite right or too expensive for you, they seemed quite rigid about looking elsewhere. We have planned the majority of our wedding using with the help of google translate - it might be worth having a look on there?

    €600 + vat does seem quite a lot for only 20 people! Maybe it is the package being offered, or the fact they are not local, or maybe they have a set price no matter how many guests they are supplying ice-cream for? I'd ask for a break down of costs to see where the money is going!

    And if you do find a well priced ice-cream cart, please share! We would love one at our wedding!

    Good luck!


  • Hi Samantha,

    You're doing the right thing by doing your own personal research and not taking everything the wedding planner is telling you at face value.

    I always say this, but Google is your best friend!  Just get creative with your searches.  If you think it, I'm pretty sure Google will help you find it!

    Don't be afraid to call hotels and wedding planners in Italy to see if they know where they can find you an ice cream cart.  It's always best to source with the locals.

    As for a DJ, I could recommend one to you, who is AMAZING!  He lives in the UK, but he is VERY affordable and does weddings all over.

    His name is Rodney 'DJ Streethawk' and his contact details are:

    Mobile: 07713965214

    Email: [email protected]

    I have his link to his djing page where you can listen to his samples. 

    I wish you all the best in your planning and if you need anymore advice, don't be afraid to ask me.




  • Thank you both for your replies and advice. 

    I did speak to the wedding planner and they weren't too happy and basically said its the same price irrespective of numbers. 

    Think im going to carry on searching on Google! 

  • Hi.


    It's a shame your wedding planner isn't listening to your needs.  Maybe they are earning commission from their own suppliers.  My friend had an ice cream cart for her wedding, it was brilliant.  She got married in Umbria though.

    My wedding planner was really lovely and did lots of research for me.  Perhaps it might be worth dropping her an email, she might be able to help.


    [email protected]

    Good luck xx

  • Do you know who your friend used LoveShoes? Ever since Samantha mentioned an Ice-cream cart Im desperate to have one at my wedding, but cant find one anywhere! 


  • Hi.  No, I think her wedding planner organised it for her.  Maybe ask her?

  • I know, they're impossible to find online MissesJ2B! 


  • Hi Samantha,

    Please consider our photography


    Gianni and Paolo

  • Hi Samantha, 

    Iam also looking for an ice cream cart in Italy did you have much luck finding one? Also would you mind passing on your photographers details? 



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