Wedding in sorrento!!!

Hi there, 

im planning to get married in the cloisters in sorrento in 2018! 

im going to book the wedding with Thomas Cook or thomsons, I haven't decided yet! 

 so I need some help.... with a wedding reception! 

We are on a lowish buget and we don't know wether hotels do the reception or can anyone recommed a nice place ? And any other tips before we book would be greatly appreciated! 😘


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    Hope this helps, I got this after enquiring, his costs and reputation seems excellent.
    Hi Judy,
    First of all, congratulations for your excellent choice! Sorrento is truly one 
    of the most romantic place in Italy for a Wedding.

    We believe your wedding day is one of the most important events that will 
    occur in your lifetime.
    Let us help you design the perfect wedding.
    We can organize all these services at Don Pedro Family Group and allow us to 
    ensure your bespoke dream day comes alive!

    Reading your email, we think to have a several lovely solutions for your Venue 
    that you can choose:

    1. "Don Pedro Farm" 
    distinguishes itself for its wide and very versatile locations.
    Each room can be personalized according to its wedding theme creating a 
    event, a special way to tell us about you and their love.

    The Venue is composed of 3 aereas:
     1. Garden for Aperitif Time with Capri view
     2. Terrace for meal overlooking Capri
     3. Dance Area

    You can already see it on Don Pedro's website: 
    on page : venue & Reception  (Don Pedro Farm)


    2. Don Pedro "Country House"  Venue & Accomodation 

    Don Pedro Country House” is the ideal place where you can celebrate the most 
    important day of your lives
    A peaceful oasis, where you create a cozy and special atmosphere with your 
    relatives and friends.
    The Country House offers some large indoor and outdoor spaces for organizing 
    the event. The ancient maison, dating back to 1700.
    It has an enviable panoramic position, facing the view of the bay of Naples 
    and its Vesuvius.

    You can already see it on our website:
    on page : venue & Reception  (Don Pedro Country House)

    The Venues belong to "Don Pedro Group" (NO FEE CHARGE)
    Of course, there aren't any extra cost,All Wedding Serivices (Aperitif Time/  
    Music etc..)and Food still Don Pedro Family Style.

    Meanwhile,I write some more information about our Menu/Drinks, just to  give 
    you an idea:

    MENU :
    Regarding the MENU, you can
    choose what you would like, and the price depends on which menu you choose.

    As regard the Menu price I write below:

    Menu F (69.00 euro)
    Menu E (77.50 euro)
    Menu D (84.00 euro)
    Menu C (89.00 euro)
    Menu B (106.00 euro)
    Menu A (132.00 euro)

    The price is calculated per person.
    one bottle white wine,
    one bottle red wine,
    water and limoncello for every four people

    -Preparation and Decoration of Location about your tems.
    -White Covered Chairs and White Table linen.
    -Candles (if it will be dark)

    This a link:!menu-aperitif/cee5

    Also please note some useful information:
    - Those menus below are just examples. Infact You can mix them making a new
    one or just send us something that you wish to have. We can make your 
    personalized Menu with hog r

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    Please see the rest of the email

    Also please note some useful information:
    - Those menus below are just examples. Infact You can mix them making a new
    one or just send us something that you wish to have. We can make your 
    personalized Menu with hog roast without problem.

    - Also if you have guests who require special diet like vegetarian or gluten 
    free food, we are ready to make them a special menu.

    -Regarding the Menu choice
    You could keep only 2 choices for each Course:

    Like: if you have 30 guests and for 15 guests you wish to offer a starter 
    Caprese Salads  and for the other 15 you wish to offer Parma Ham and 
    You can do the same for the first course and the second course.
    The important is that we know in advance how many of each dishes you wish to 
    have. That's will be easy and better to serve.

    Regarding children's menu, we charge just what they eat.
    we will organise a personalized menu (with few options)
    It will be discussed with you few days before of your day.

    Aperitif Time :
    If you like to give some appetizer when all your guests arrive into 
    (Time of aperitif will be until that you would like)

    It will be prepared on beautiful corners and decored with flowers. Below the 
    There  are 2 Options that you can choice:.

    1. option:
    Gourmet Corner: We offer a wide range of delicious and stunning savoury 
    individually handcrafted canapés. Served Mixed Canapés handcrafted (Cherry 
    Tomatoes with Salmon patè, Crostini with Parma ham , Anchovy Canapès, Caviar
    Canapès, Salmon Canapès, and Variety Canapès with soft cheese.)
    plus mixed of Fry , mixed of snacks.

    Total price : 15.00 euro per person plus bottles Prosecco  you will need.


    2. option:
    if you prefer THE APERITIF,  Welcome Ceremony is :
    Corner: French Potatoes, Nuts and Olives. (Free charge)
    You will pay just the bottles of Prosecco you will need.

    The Prosecco cost is 25.00 euro each

    This will all take place with the spectacular view in the background.
    Professionalism, courtesy and love of our work will guarantee the perfect day 
    for the
    Bride, Groom and their guests, and will ensure that they have an unforgettable 
    Aslo if you like we can offer a traditional guitarist (or mandolin guitarist) 
    during teh Aperitif before a meal.

    Meanwhile, there will be an OPENED BAR fill up with beer, wine liquor,
    cocktail where guests can also  pay directly or you can pre-pay it or part 
    of  it.

    The Bar will be open for all day.

    Bar List Prices:
    Extra Wine (Red or White) 15.00 euro
    Alcool Drink : 6.00 euro
    Beer : 5.00 euro
    Soft Drink :3.00 euro.

    I would I would like to inform you, if you are interested in other more services as :  
    Music at the Museo, music at the Reception, any Transports, wedding car , 
    photographer, Video, favors for guests, hairdresser, Capri Trip boat etc. 
    please, don't hesitate to contact us.

    Also, we are able to arrange accommodation for you and for all your guests, 
    in  hotels and villas with good rates.

    I hope this information can be helpful.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you.

    Many Thanks.
    Tony & Don Pedro Family 

    Don Pedro Sorrento
    via Nastro Verde n°77,  80067  Sorrento (Na) Italy
    Office Phone: +39 081 807 39 10
    Don Pedro Mobile +39 339 47 72 146  Tony Mobile  +39 348 79 92 315

  • Hey Amelia,

    We are getting married in Sorrento in September 2017 at the Cloisters. Our reception is at the foreigners club which is a popular choice! I'd have a good look at the brochures and other threads on here then email the places you are interested for more information on prices.

    We booked with Thomsons, our local team were great and the wedding planners in Sorrento are excellent so far but the wedding team inbetween were really slow so expect a wait for your date. 

    Hope that helps!



  • Hello,

    all future brides!

    My name is Tamara, and im getting married in Italy in april 2017.

    I wanted to share my experiencing in organising my wedding, after months and months of searching and looking for, coming to Italy, meeting people, checking out, analysing, comparing etcJ

    If it can help someone to find professionals they are looking for, Ill  be happy.

    I work in the field of fashion, so the priorities for me were and are : great photographer and a make up artist and a hairstylist!This regards professionalism as well as human qualities.

    I love Italy, so i come often there for work, so twice I met two make up artists, but unfortunately, apart from poor portfolio, and their English, I didnt like their approach, they were not punctual, they didnt have good make up on, smart clothes, they were not sure in what they were saying. So I started to search again. And by chance just searching on google I have found Anna. I fell in love with her website, clear, understandable, well-done, with great photos and news, a lot of tips for brides. I decided to email her, and at once I felt that this was the person I was looking for a long time. Professional, organised, precise, very friendly and speaking very fluent English. She asked me the right questions, and photos, tried to understand my ideas and preferences. So I did the trial, and everything went so great, Im so satisfied and happy to have found the right person for my Big day. So, im really happy to tell about my experience. If someone needs, her website is

    Anna was also very kind to give me some names of the photographers she worked with, but the one Ive chosen and liked best is Daniele. His style is exactly how I would like: fresh, full of light, spontaneous, with great colours, and great landscapes. I met with him in his office in Rome, he is very professional, but funny, friendly, speaks good English and great to work with! So, if you are curious here is his web page

    I hope I can help to someone who is still looking for their professionals, I wish good luck to every future bride!

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    I got married in July 2016 in sorrento at the cloisters followed by a reception at don Pedro maravi. We used 'the book of dreams' for the cloisters and legal side of things and flowers they were great! Then organised everything else through Don Pedro, they really are the best family and so welcoming. You will actually feel like part of the family. They made our wedding and planning so special, i will always have a special place for them in my heart.

    If you want anymore info feel free to contact me.


  • Also getting married in September, cloisters and foreigners club. We might be there the same time Eleri!



  • Hi guys,

    getting married at the cloisters July 2017. Currently looking for a videographer to film the ceremony (that's it!). Trying to find one that's not going to cost the earth. 

    Any suggestions?


  • Have any of you recieved the list of documents you need yet? Omg...its huge...

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