Does anyone know the word for butterfly in the cypriot lang?

Fao Kerry

Do you know the cypriot word for butterfly please?


  • WeddingfanWeddingfan Posts: 432
    I'm in Cyprus with my cousin now - we will have an answer for you shortly.

    By the way - its flaming hot out here!!

    Glyn x.
  • MrsVerneMrsVerne Posts: 421
    Wooooh, not sure, but I know the Greek for butterfly is ??????????????????????????????????????
  • yes it is defenitly petalouda.

  • WeddingfanWeddingfan Posts: 432
    Hi ya - its -

    'BETALOUTHA'. Say it as you read it. BET - AH - LOUTH - AH.

    I'm sure thats the same as the Greek spelling above.

    Hope this helps - Nicky & Glyn x.
  • Cheers guys! Where are you staying by the way my wedding is at the Sunrise Beach in Protaras 29th August!!

    I wanted the word for my tables, each one will be in a different language and as i am welsh one of the tables will be called "Pilli Pala".
  • WeddingfanWeddingfan Posts: 432
    How cool - I'm just visiting - my weddings on hold as I'm buying a house, my cousin lives near Paphos - shes a beautician over here.

    Good luck with your wedding.

    Glyn x.
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