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Has anyone booked their wedding with Thomson??


Just wondering if anyone has booked their wedding with Thomson?? I am getting married on 27th May in Paphos, Cyprus. As we have booked with Thomson we have to book photographer, flowers, reception etc with them. However I'm finding it really difficult to get anything booked with the Thomson wedding planners. For example I recently emailed them regarding options for flowers and it has taken a week for them to return my emails and when they did reply they simply sent a price list and no guidance with types of flowers available, colours available etc, which is what I had asked for. 

As my wedding is fast approaching I am starting to get increasingly anxious that I can't get see to get things sorted properly. Is anyone else having a similar problem with the Thomson wedding team? Or any advice as to how I can speed the process up?? 



  • Hi Helena-3


    i don't normally post on here, generally I just browse. However I have booked with Thompson and I'm getting married in Pathos in August this year. Where are you getting married?

    if s any help Thompson are very slow in communication. I'm part of a large FB chat page for brides marrying in Cyprus and from chatting on there your experience seems to be the norm. It seems when you arrive in resort you have you meeting with the planners and you can pick all your flowers etc then and brides describe them as being excellent once there. But if you're like me you want it sorted sooner rather than 3 days before you marry. 

    They should have sent you a brochure with all your flower, cake and decorations in for you to choose from. When you've done that you simply email them with your choice. So for example you get a basic carnation bouquet, I've chosen to upgrade and I've sent them a picture of what i want, they've then contacted the florist who have given me an quote, once agreed they add it to an invoice and we pay. 

    Their brochure isn't really comprehensive my advice would be to get on Pinterest or something and send them as many pictures as you can (eg I sent loads saying this flower, but this colour, in this design, but with this added  

    cake - again you get a basic cake what I've done  is contacted a local supplier and asked then for a quote on a cake  I'd seen on their page rather than going with the Thonpsons basic one  I then just paid them direct  I understand you can upgrade with Thompsons but again send then pictures and ask them to get quotes  

     From what I hear some brides do leave everything until theyre in resort. I take it you have you ceremony and reception venue sorted and you have chosen your meal, entertainment if you're having any all the big things?

     unfortunately you need to be proactive from my experience and from hearing other brides. If you need advice or want to chat come find the group on FB. called Cyprus brides past present and future. There is around 4 different groups but you tend to find they're the same brides. Loads of past brides with advice to give and lots of suppliers with whom you can get independence  quotes if you wish.

    Good luck with your planning and I'm sure you'll have an amazing wedding   


  • we got married in Italy in September 2013 and booked with Thomson. They were absolutely brilliant! They guides us the whole way. Anything we wantled they organised for us, we were 100% able to personalise our wedding to us and what we wanted. They were brilliant. Any emails we sent in the run up to wedding were answered within a couple of hours, I would highly recommend them! The prices they charged for extras like music, flowers etc we actually found were cheaper than going direct to suppliers. For example we went to a florist whilst we were there and got their price list, then when we met up with our planner and she took us round the suppliers they used they used the same florist we'd looked at but were cheaper! I would highly recommend  them from our experience with them x

  • Hi  Helena

    You don't need to book the extras through them. I arrange wedding receptions and lots of brides who booked with Thompson booked us directly x

    I pmed you too 

    Thank you 

    Nancy xx

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