New York Wedding !!!!!!!

Hi, we are looking to get married in New York next year, im not sure whether to go it alone and book it all myself, or go through someone like Virgin? Has anybody got married in New York and can offer any advice or tips ??????




  • Wow new york thatll be exciting! Im going to use a planner for italy as legal stuff etc is all taken care of much less stress so might be worth looking into? I have avoided big tour operators as i wanted a more personal experience BUT sure they would be fine too just personal preference xx

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    I'm getting married in New York in april. Have you read the old new york threads on here? A few NY brides have posted and I always recommend them as they have been really helpful for me. They are called 'who's getting married in new york' and 'new york- temporary thread'. There are hundreds of posts with lots of planning advice. We are planning it ourselves but it's a bit different as there are only two of us going! But lots of brides on the old threads did it themselves, some did use planners. Some of the brides that used planners did say they could have done it themselves with hindsight but I think depends of what you're doing x

  • I'm getting married in New York in April and have booked everything through the photographer.  The photographer is Harley Hall and the wedding planning business is NY Dream Weddings.  It worked out much better value than booking through a tour operator.

    Hope this helps, good luck with the wedding! x

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    Eeek good luck!! We're getting married in Central Park later this month. Just us 2! Been planning since October, hardly told a soul about it and it's just kicking in now. I'm so excited!! x

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    Wow Mrsaw u must be sooo excited!! Are u all ready and organised? Ours is six weeks today and it suddenly hit me yesterday that I'm getting married soon and actually doing in it new york lol x

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    Hello! I 'think' we're all ready.. although I still have a long list of things to do/buy etc but the important stuff is done haha. How about you? X

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    Well we did it, it was incredible and so much fun. We arranged everything ourselves, it was so easy and so straightforward 🗽

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    Oh my goodness, how exciting, Congratulations!! So amazing, glad u had such a great time!! Are you home now? How did everyone react?! Any tips? X

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    Yes we are home now :( we didn't want to come back! Everyone has reacted so well, so much support and can understand why we did it this way plus it's been fun showing the pictures as are obviously a little different than the norm. I'd be happy to offer any tips, anything specific you'd like to know? I had hair and makeup done and we had a photographer so if you want suggestions let me know. Most of all I'd just say relax, enjoy being in the city and just go with it :)

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    That's brilliant that everyone has been supportive :) must be so fun telling them all about it. What was your favourite part of it all?

    Just saw your post about the picture. Lol that's so cool of your photographer, who did u use? Would love a pic like that. We're both insanely unphotogenic so also like the idea of being at a distance from the camera! We have booked Brian Friedman.

    Thanks so much for the advice. I think I have been feeling quite stressed about it even though it's only the two of us (having some dress stresses and had to make some other last min changes) and need to focus on relaxing and having fun, which is why were doing it this way in the first place! Do u mind me asking who did ur make up? And did u have flowers?  I am planning to do my own make up but may change my mind last minute as not been very organised with it!

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    Hi Sorry for the late reply.

    Hmm I would say the best part (after getting married of course) was the evening knowing that only us, some family and close friends know that we were now Mr& Mrs. I would say just relax though, we were supposed to have afternoon tea at the plaza but missed it as photos ran over by 2 hours, really disappointing but we can do that another time, the photos are once in a lifetime. We used Jasmine Photo.

    What dress stress are you having? Before we went I was worrying a lot about wearing a full gown and had a back-up laid back dress ready but on the day I just put it on and so glad I did. It was fun to feel like a bride and will be the only opportunity to do it. I wore my other dress in the evening for our meal out and cocktails. 

    For make-up I used Lily Morales, she was so nice and I chose her as her instagram has before and afters and she basically just makes you look like you but way better haha which is exactly what I wanted. She was actually way cheaper than most others and in my opinion her work is much better. I had my hair done at a drybar, easy and was lovely. I had a bouquet made by someone I found on eBay, she asked me what I wanted (mixed pink peonies and white roses) and made mockups until I was happy. 

    As your doing it just you two like we did I'd say do whatever it is that makes it special for you. We had cocktails on a rooftop bar, we gave each other presents the night before and id had tshirts made to wear the day after, we made up little order of services with our vows etc to keep for years to come, oh and we also put gift bags together for parents including champers, American chocolate, candles etc that they opened on the day at home. It's your wedding so enjoy it! 



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    Sounds like your day was so amazing! We also considered afternoon tea at the plaza, but decided to just see whatever we feel like for lunch on the day. Have heard good things about jasmine photo and definitely worth missing afternoon tea for that skyline shot!

    Your dress looks stunning in the photo - good choice :) you only do it once so definitely worth making the most of it. I had my final dress fitting on Tuesday and it looked awful. It had gone from looking good prior to some final bust adjustments to making me look flat chested, and it being loose under the bust and constantly falling down (it was strapless). On the hanger the work looked good, but it wasn't fitted to me at all, despite it being good before. They said there was nothing they could do and kept saying I must have lost lots of weight (not lost an ounce!). Ended up shopping for dresses on Thurs, Fri and yesterday and found a dress at a sample sale yesterday. It's too big but getting a seamstress friend of my mums to alter it, really hoping it all works out! I also have a Coast evening gown for later in the day.

    Had a look at lily morales online, she looks really good. Had originally looked at Drybar, but we are not staying in manhattan so having someone come to me instead. Your gifts to each other sound so sweet! Haven't even thought about that sort of thing yet, really must get on to it. Thanks so much for all your advice. So lovely to hear from another new york bride and is making it feel more real now!

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    hi!! good idea to marry in NY!! I'm planning to Italy but NY is dreamy!!

    I don t know if you're searching for places like plaza...but..why don't you plan a ceremony in Central Park? A friend of mine planned a beautiful ceremeony there with diana collins (i don't remember the name..maybe diana!) and she got italian dress and italian photographer ..a dreamy wedding!

    f you need don't exitate to send me a pm, I try to make you in contact with her!

  • If anyone is getting married in New York between October 10th & October 17th 2017 and would like me to photograph their wedding for free, just let me know. I am a professional wedding photographer based in Sussex and will be over in New York during these dates and I would love to add a NYC wedding to my portfolio! Please visit my website or find me on facebook d.b photography Sussex or on Instagram DBPhotoSussex.

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    Hi everyone, just popping in to say hello  I am getting married in Central Park on 27/04/2019.  I have a long while to wait but love to read/hear all about your wedding plans for New York.  I have paid my deposit for my photographer "Jasmine Photo" and that's pretty much all I can do for now. Looking forward to hearing all about your wedding days x

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  • Hey!!! 


    So so glad I have found this thread. I've been trawling the net! 

    So here's the thing... It was my birthday Tuesday and my amazing H2B surprised me with a trip to NY. So now, I have my heart set on marrying there. Just the two of us. i've read i need a licence etc, and I'd really like to go to Central Park... It'll be in Feb 2017 so I'm aware it'll be cold!! Any help would be grand xx


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    Wow! Glad I found this thread. Wedding in New York is awesome! We've been there. My friend just just on the same place.

    The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands has a stunning wedding ceremony backdrop! So awesome :) 



  • Is anyone still lurking on this thread and can give me any info on a New York wedding please? 

    Would just be me and H2B and our little boy. 


    Thank you! 

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