Mauritius wedding, First choice Weddings?

We are looking into having our wedding in Mauritius June 2017. We have been looking into different holiday companies as we want it all done through one company, we are planning to go for 2/3 weeks money depending. It will be our wedding and our honeymoon :) 

So far it looks like First Choice are the best price for us and our guests, for the hotel we have our eye on, and we love the look of the package!

Does anyone know anything about First Choice Weddings and whether they would be a good company to go with? i have looked for reviews but all the ones i have found are years old so not sure. 


  • Can't really add anything useful but I'm also in the same position so would be interested to read the responses. Which hotel are you thinking?

    We went to Virgin and found the lady very scatty! She kept forgetting that it's a wedding and not just a holiday! We saw Kuoni yesterday and they were fab. We haven't been to First Choice yet. 

    Good luck! 


  • We are thinking of the long beach hotel at the moment through first choice.

    we went into virgin and the customer service was awful, not sure if that was just our local store but it put us off unfortunately.

    kuoni hotels look amazing and ive heard so many great things about them, but the trouble it our guests want us to book them on the same flight and through the same company but they are worried about it being too expensive :( 

  • Hi, 

    Might be slightly too late to offer advice, fingers crossed that you've booked it :)

    I have recently looked my wedding/honeymoon to Mauritius - Long beach golf and spa. We booked the holiday/flights with thomsons our actual holiday/wedding is booked through first choice but they're just the same company. Thomsons were amazing when booking in the store, we were in there about 2 hours. The woman said that Mauritius was one of the easiest places to get married with regards to documents etc. You just need the wedding contract sent off, new birth certificates insured within 3 months of your wedding and some photocopies sent off 8 weeks before too, you just email thomson/first choice or take them into the store and they'll send them off for you.

    While we were in the store we signed our wedding contract and got that sent off, 3/4 weeks later we received our official date. I have emailed the hotel/wedding coordinator about any extras (photography, flowers ect) and I got replies the day after, all extras are sorted and booked once you arrive. You have to go to Port Louis and do all the legal things, apparently the hotel can sort out your taxi and when to go ect.

    So far thomsons/first choice have been great. Don't expect  hear much from them once you've booked though as they leave everything up to you, but theres not much to do really.

    if you do book long beach make sure you upgrade the room, we have and it looks amazing.

    hope this helps a little :) 

  • JdotJJdotJ Posts: 196 New bride

    One of my best friends recently got married there and used Kuoni, i'd definitely avoid them if you can. 

    Absolutely nothing was done for them, contact was appalling, it got to the point where she was still trying to sort things out the day before because everything they had promised they'd do hadn't been done :/


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