Wedding in Bordeaux, France

On the weekend I went to a wedding in Bordeaux, France, so if any of you are planning a wedding there, I might be able to suggest a great venue, a great hotel for your guests, etc. It was the best wedding I have EVER been to, and I have been to dozens!!

We weren't sure about going, as the couple didn't confirm what date it would be on until about 2 months before the wedding (the only not-so-good thing!!), so we couldn't get any really cheap flights unfortunately. But we decided we would go anyway (just chuck it on the credit card, LOL!!) and were so glad we did. The couple had reserved a whole lot of rooms at a hotel in the city. It was a good hotel, in a FANTASTIC location, and was only 65 Euros for a room - about £44. They organised taxi-vans to pick all of us up from the hotel and take us to the venue, which was about 20 minutes away as it was in the countryside. We had to pay 25 Euros each (£17) but it meant no one had to drive (some people had hired cars for the weekend) so everyone could drink and no one got lost or had an accident driving on the wrong side of the road!! The same taxi-vans picked everyone up again from the venue at 4am. (Yes, French weddings go REALLY late!!)

The venue was a beautiful chateau (like a grand country manor) and we started with drinks and canapes on the "back lawn" which was a huge lawn/garden with lots of beautiful big trees and a big swimming pool. We all mingled round the pool while waiters brought round trays of drinks and canapes, and a 4-piece band played.There were plenty of big umbrellas for shade, and enough seats for about half the guests to sit down (which was good for those in high heels, and the older guests). After a couple of hours, the band (still playing their instruments!) led us around the side of the chateau along a path lined with lanterns, to a main door where the entrance steps were covered in rose petals. Inside there was a table with funny pictures of the bride and groom, a guest book, and a seating plan. The meal was fantastic - lots of courses and a different wine for each course (apparently the father of the groom provided it all). The wine was all local and it was seriously good. There was an impromptu speech from the best man, who stood on his seat so that everyone could see him! And one table all stood up and started singing a random French song, which was very funny. There was a massive fireworks display, which made me really want one at OUR wedding!!, and then there was dancing until the wee hours, with a good DJ who played songs that everyone knew. It was a fantastic night. I'm VERY jealous of all of you getting married in France!!!


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    oh no I nearly got married in France!!! I am glad you enjoyed it and yes Bordeaux might be the best area for good wine.
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    I am surprised there aren't more people getting married in Bordeaux! It is such a perfect location!
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    ooh leafy PLEASE can you send me the details

    we are looking for a Chateau in the Bordeaux region - it's my dream wedding and i've found the perfect dress to wear at a chateau as well image
  • HI,

    I just got married in Arcachon, 60km south of Bordeaux on the coast, fantastic location fantastic weather, food, wine, amazing ! Both the church and the venue had a panoramic view on the Arcachon bay. We also had an amazing jazz quartet and we danced until 4am. The plus side is that I grew up in that region so I felt so complete like everything fell into place. The previous day we had a civil ceremony followed by a boat trip that took us to the other side of the bay where we had an oyster tasting in an oyster farm village on a terrace right on the water front with vine pergolas and decorated with exotic plants. The weather was glorious and although it all finished at 8pm, it was so warm we did not get cold on the boat at all rather the opposite actually... Amazing. I am so glad that I organised my wedding there. I will soon post my wedding photos on this forum, I am waiting for the photographer to put them online.... The weather was amazing on both days, so lucky !
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    Congratulations Chrisannebrig! It sounds heavenly!

    MrsRafique2B, the chateau they had the reception at was Bordeaux, Chateau Saint Aignan ( The hotel that all the guests stayed at was Hotel de Seze et Royal Medoc: Standard, Comfort and Superior rooms with affordable prices (55 to 75 euros)

    Email: [email protected] Tel: +33 (0) 5 56 81 72 42.

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    Might help those of you getting married in France - I see there are quite a few of you! xx
  • Hi,

    That wedding sounds amazing, did your friends use a wedding planner or did they do it all separately? Also, did they actually marry in the same place as the reception?

    Thanks hun X
  • Hi Leafy,

    I am also planning a wedding in Bordeaux. Although I have a venue, I am in need of a photographer. Can I ask who your friend used and were they any good?!
  • Hi

    I'm getting married in St. Emillon which is about 30mins drive from Bordeau and having problems trying to find a decent DJ or band. I would be really gratefully for any suggestion or recommendations.

    Many thanks,

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    Helen, I can higly recommend, they based in Paris, but happy to travel in France.

    Allie, I would advise you to check in the french yellow pages (

    Otherwise, check the followings:

    Hopefully that will help.


  • Celery,

    Thanks so much for the information.

  • Quoted:

    I'm getting married in St. Emillon which is about 30mins drive from Bordeau and having problems trying to find a decent DJ or band. I would be really gratefully for any suggestion or recommendations.

    Many thanks,


    Hi Allie,

    Try this one - not far from St Emilion

    English speaking

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    I'm getting married near St Emillion too: Domaine du Faure close to Gensac. Any recommendations for florist, band and photographer are welcome!
  • For a band try George Smith and Hickville

  • This is great! I am planning my wedding in the south of france and, but Bordeaux sounds good...what I'm after though is somewhere a little more rustic...are there any venues anyone could recommend or a local wedding planner...think I will be needing one.
  • Hi,


    Beth is the main wedding planner and she has several others who work with her. Has some lovely venues too in SW France.

  • Hi,

    I'm looking for a makeup artist based in Bordeaux for a friend who's getting married there next year. Can anyone help please?

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    Hi Ennochris, I am very interested in having my wedding in Arcachon, I am wondering if you would be able to email me and let me know the details?  Who used used for a wedding planner, where was your reception held?

    [email protected]

    Thank you. ~M

  • Hi Brides,

    I'm a wedding planner based in Bordeaux and working in the SW of France.

    If you need help don't hesitate to contact me !



  • and if you're looking for a band - try us - Bordeaux is just down the road from us!

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    Hi, i m planning our wedding in Bordeaux and currently looking for a venue. Does anyone have any tips for me?


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    Hi Lisa, have you had a look at the petit moulin in annepont, we are getting married there next year so not sure if they have availability for this year. We visited 6 places, all varying lots on price but this place was perfect for us. Let me know if you need more details, but worth a look either way.

    M x

  • For a band I'll put in a recommendation for my band... - here are a few reviews.

    We're based in the Dordogne but travel all over the region and Bordeaux is on our doorstep image

    For make up try - Amanda travels all over for weddings in the SW of France too.

    good luck with all your weddings!


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    Thanks Rose, just sent you an email.

  • Lisa61Lisa61 Posts: 6


    Does anyone know if we can rent tux in Bordeaux and how much would it cost?

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    Hi, Doesn't seem to be many people on this forum getting married in France, seems lots in Greece or Santorini. We are getting married in France but am wondering why the attraction with other countries instead? x


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    we are currently looking at venues in Bordeaux and would love any suggestions on venues. We are looking at chateau's but open to any options (we love wine and cheese) so would love to have the ceremony in a vineyard if possible. 


    Thanks :)

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    Have you had a look here?

    This has been my bible. Still trying to shortlist couple of venues to go and visit next year before booking anything. 

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    Hi Ladies,

    I am a cake maker based in SW France and visit loads of venues and work with several planners.

    I would say trusting your suppliers for a destination wedding is key to you enjoying your big day. This site has loads of suppliers for SW France

    including myself


  • Hi Keira, we got married a few weeks ago at Chateau de la Ligne. It's about 20minutes outside of Bordeaux and has its own vineyards. I couldn't recommend it enough, all our guests said the pictures didn't do it justice when they arrived and the Chateau team are amazing. Good luck!

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