Help a Groom....please brides! Italy...Lake Garda?



Looking to get some ideas for a wedding in Lake Garda....though open to other ideas still.

We have a family of three kids (8,5,2) and a wedding party of 30-40.

Is it best to get a Villa?

what about a wedding planner?

Reception venues?

We just want a classy wedding...not cheap but on the same hand don't want to be ripped off.


Please help....I'm useless but want some great ideas to help plan with my wife to be.




  • have you researched any places where you want to get married I know a few places offer villas that you can also get married in it depends on you really you can go through a travel agent or you can organise it all yourselves what ever you will find easier what with you having young children aswel maybe look into both and see what suits you best or what prices they give you

  • Hey check out my post going to view Italian venues... How do you decide! In weddings abroad or latest posts... I've just been in Italy for a week checking out potential venues for our wedding so you may see somewhere you like, not lake Garda unfortunately but could assist you r search! Xx

  • Alison71Alison71 Posts: 19

    We are looking to book Italy soon, we also have two kids who will be 4 and 2 as well as family who have youngs kids too. We've kind of settled on Sorrento as more family friendly than ravello but just as beautiful. I don't know if you've considered there? I've been recommended the foreigners club for a reception as it has a play park and free live music every night (it's open to the public so not great if you want a private party). There are loads of villas you can hire but they are way out of our teeny tiny budget. 

    Hope that's helpful 

    good luck 

  • Gayle9Gayle9 Posts: 1

    Hey Alison71, my sister got married in Sorrento - the ceremony was held at Villa Fondi and the reception was help ay the foreigners club - both venues were absolutely breathtaking, The views from both locations were out of this world :D definitely recommend it. 

  • Hi Neil25 

    We are getting married on Lake Garda in June 2016 and have booked a villa that take care of everything. It is called Tenuta la Presa, a villa in the vineyards just above the lake. 

    A good option is to look to agriturismos as we looked at quite a few that you could rent the entire place, all stay here and have the ceremony and reception. 

    Italian Lake Weddings and Distinctive Italy Weddings ( both have some great ideas and are extremely helpful. We spoke with both of them evern though we did not use either for wedding planning services. 

    Hope this helps!



  • OlgaFrancoOlgaFranco Posts: 7

    Hi dear brides!

    Wedding in Italy is not much expensive, and I can help you to organize a wedding in any region of Italy for reasonable money. I'm a wedding photographer and a wedding planner, who lives and works in Italy.

    My website: 

    Write to me, I can give you a consultation gratis on any issues!


  • Wild4Wild4 Posts: 8

    Having got married in Lake Garda last year I can recommend

    They organise everything for you whilst staying within your budget. They also have a range of photographs and restaurants but you can even select your own if you want to. 

    We chose the castle at Malcesine as we got engaged at the top of Monte Baldo. However we love Riva Del Garda so we arranged for a boat to take us and our 20 guests from Malcesine to Riva for our reception. 

    It was a fantastic day and very romantic setting. Good luck planning.

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