Getting married in sorrento on a budget

Hello! I've been reading lots of threads on here about getting married in sorrento but they are all quite old and wondered if there are any brides getting married this year or next year that could give me some tips. We are hoping to get married in May 2017 at the Cloisters but I'm stuck when it comes to reception. We're going to have 20+ people (unsure on exact numbers) but my main concern is that there will be quite a few children under 10 there so I want somewhere stunning but also child friendly so they can run around and not get on other people's nerves. I've seen the foreigners club but not so keen on having lots of other people at my reception or even sharing it with another wedding. I looked at o'parachinos but worried it will ruin the nice atmosphere of the restaurant with kids running around being noisy. I've looked at several wedding planners and some are expensive, some are cheap! Do you get what you pay for?? Also need photographer, hair, make up... Basically everything. Thanks everyone in advance! 


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    Hi Alison. There is a really good thread for sorrento wedding June 2016 started by MrsNewton2b so I would definitely recommend you check that out there's loads of posts from 2016 and some 2017 brides! 

    We are getting married in sorrento in August this year and I have to be honest that our budget is almost double what we originally planned to spend! This is down to the venue we chose though as it was more than we thought we would pay but fell in love with it! I'm not using a planner as such but the wedding coordinator at the venue is sorting the paperwork and ceremony side of things for us (at an extra cost) and he offers all the extras like flowers, cars, music etc. But where we can we have booked our own to save money! 

    Have you looked at Don Pedro venues? They are very reasonably priced and I think they have a few different options. 

     The things I have found most expensive are hair and make up and transport. Even though we have gone so far over budget I know that we wouldn't get the same in the UK for the same as we are getting in Italy so it does make it a bit better!

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    Hello, thanks for your reply, yes I have seen and read her past, I should add it to my follow list actually. I have seen the don pedro and they looked nice, wasn't sure on prices and they didn't come back to my email I sent. Have you used a wedding planner? Who did you go with? I'm swaying towards orange blossom. 

    Also, have you been out there? We were hoping to but haven't had the chance. The foreigners club has been recommended to us as we have lots of kids coming and it's quite kid friendly apparently and theres free live music every night. Have you been there? I'm concerned because I'm a secret snob ;) 

    where did you book for your reception? Thanks xx

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    No we haven't gone with a planner, we are just using the venue coordinator to do everything we cant sort ourselves. 

    Yes, we visited in December although we had already booked by that point I'm really glad we managed to fit a trip in. Its pretty cheap in the quiet season so I would definitely recommend trying to go over if you can. 

    We are having our reception in Villa Antiche Mura.  The main thing for us was privacy. We knew we didn't want a hotel which discounted a lot of options as lots of the venues we considered were hotels and didn't offer the privacy we wanted. We nearly booked Castore through Don Pedro but changed our minds last minute to the villa as we knew that if we didn't go for it we would regret it! Like I said, its pretty much doubled our budget but it was perfect for what we wanted. 

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    Hiya Alison71,

    We have just booked our May 2017 wedding at villa fondi (20th).  We have gone with Exclusive Italy weddings as they were very efficient and have provided us with lots of information.  Where are you getting married and on what date? 

    our wedding is only very very small - our young daughter and our mums- so we are just starting to look at venues for our meal after the ceremony.  My worry is I do not want to be caught up in another wedding!  I think we will go into the garden bar after our ceremony for an hour or so then have photos done and then our meal.  My planner says it's too early to book this and our photographer, make up and hair. But I want who I decide I like so would rather book them sooner rather than later.

    we will also look at hotels over the next few weeks too. we are not paying silly money to sleep somewhere though!!!! You thought about where you will stay yet? 

    Good luck with everything! X

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    Hi girls, thanks for replying.  We are also looking at May 2017 but not booked anything yet as cloisters don't let you for a few more weeks yet. 

    We have been recommended foreigners club for reception, I know there will be other weddings there but I think I'm going to have to compromise somewhere because I really don't want to end up spending our life savings on this! 


    We we also have no idea how many guests we are going to have until we send out invites! 

    i'm swaying towards Bella sposa wedding planner now... I'm so indecisive but I have two young kids and I work so literally have no time to even look at anything or do anything! 

    Ive not heard of the villa you mentioned, but it sounds like it's not a budget option so I won't torture myself by googling it haha. We figure that we'll be in Italy, there will be food and there will be drink and friends. Can't really go wrong I suppose! 

  • Hey Alison,  congratulations 👰🏼

    I've also booked my wedding for July 2017 at Villa Fondi.  Villa Fondi Is another ceremony venue like the cloisters, it is run by a different town hall so bookings are open already. 

    I have chosen Flowers and Confetti for my wedding planner, Silvia has been really helpful so far.  I paid a set amount for one of her packages which includes the ceremony, translation, paperwork, music, flowers and few hours of photography. I plan to add to the flowers and photography tho. 

    I can be indecisive at times too so when picking my wedding planner, I emailed about 8 different ones for info and then put all their packages into a spreadsheet to compare. I narrowed it down by eliminating any I didn't get a good vibe from and also any whos package seemed unreasonable. I ended up between Bella Sposa and Flowers and Confetti, was tough deciding between two as both were great but on comparison F&C came in slightly cheaper and Silvia said I could book Villa Fondi straight away. 

    I've just sent my save the dates out to see what our rough numbers will be, and it's looking like approx 45-50 people so far.  My number 1 reception venue option is hotel mediterraneo, it just has everything I want for my reception and also allows DJ music outdoors on their sky bar terrace.  Although it will go over my reception budget I just can't see anywhere else that matches it so I'm looking at cutting the budget on other things so I can get it.  Children was also a main point for me too as my then 2yr old will also be with us.  although the reception around a pool would be lovely it just wouldn't be safe for the kids so that also whittled a few venues out of option for us too. Xxx

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    Hiya, bella sposa and orange blossom are the two i'm torn between at the moment, i also have a spreadsheet. bella sposa has suggested two receptions; hotel med and another but both are super expensive and a bit too much really for what im after as i really dont want to spend a lot on this!!! i just want to get married somewhere pretty, then eat some food and have a drink haha!! 


    I'm getting a bit frustrated with hidden costs too, i don't want to sign up to someone, pay their deposit and then turns out i have to pay loads more for stuff that we need! ahhh!!! 


    it's a minefield! if i wanted to pay £12k for a wedding i would have it in england LOL

    my first wedding was only 7.5k in england for 110 people, as i'm a bit of a bargain hunter.... the don pedro places look nice, i've emailed them before with no response so just sent them another email to see if they come back to me?1?!


    Any other suggestions will be gratefully received. 


    Thanks xx

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    Hi ladies, 

    Im getting married in sorrento on 7th July 2016, so not long left for me now! I have gone with Alessandra at the book of dreams who has been really helpful And booked Castore with Don pedro. We visited last year and feel in love with the don pedro reception and they were such lovely family orientated people! 

    Let me know if you have any questions I will try my best to answer any xx

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    I've also gone with Alessandra, found her the most responsive and her set up suited us better rather than packages as we are asking Don Pedro to arrange most things for us. Alessandra will just do the legal part and maybe one or two other things if she comes out cheaper.  

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    Hi everyone, bella Sposa said castore don't work with don pedro anymore, I wonder if that's true? Castore is lovely, but I don't think we will get the minimum 30 people so swaying now towards foreigners club as we can be flexible on numbers. 

    Don pedro never responded to my emails or facebook contact attempt :( 

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    That's strange as castore is owned by don pedro, I know they have recently purchased a3rd location to add to their books. We are all booked with don pedro and have been happy with them. we have been using this email address [email protected] if that helps.

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    Oh cool thanks. Oh that's odd as she said she deals with the owners and they said they don't deal with don Pedro! I think I'll go book of dreams too and reception at foreig club as not sure we will get 30 people :) has anyone had 2017 dates confirmed yet? 

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    Our date and time are confirmed but we are Villa Fondi.  Lots of people on forums do say with Cloisters, you can't book your date until the beginning of the year you are due to marry - but not 100% sure if that's the case??? 

    We have paid for our planner and have to pay seperately for hair, make up, flowers, accommodation, reception meal, transport, photographer.  We have received their recommended list of photographers, hair and make up but I haven't looked at them yet.  

    I have posted some info on thread by MrsG2Be2017.

    how are you getting on?? 

  • Hi Alison

    It's so tricky deciding this part isn't it!! It took me aaaagges to decide on a planner and a venue.  I have 5 children and a baby at my wedding so this was a factor for me also.  We have gone with the Hotel Med but I understand they have put their prices up quite significantly since we booked with them.  That is where the majority of our budget is also.  Have you looked at Relais Blu? I believe it is child friendly and reasonably priced also.  Castore is very well prices and exclusive also, I think?

    We have booked with Cheryl at Bella Sposa and I honestly couldn't recommend her enough.  I am a busy, full time working mum, so I have very little time on my hands spare and Cheryl has taken every little bit of stress out of planning this wedding.  She is literally at the end of a message, and I message her ALL the time! Full of ideas and really goes the extra mile.

    Hope you have managed to come to a decision.  There are lots of Sorrento brides who have posted on my planning thread, if that's any help to you?


  • Hello,

    This is Castore ,Sorrento. Please excuse me if I intervene in your forum but, as I have been the subject of discussion on more than one occasion and in different messages, I would like to take this opportunity to clarify the situation.

    We have been the owners of Castore since 2006 and for several years we have specialized in English weddings, collaborating with several different wedding planners including Don Pedro. The collaboration with Don Pedro will finish in 2016. Obviously we will continue to organize weddings and you can obtain further information regarding our location by visiting our internet-site or you can book your wedding directly with us by contacting our accredited wedding planners.

    We would also like to correct some misleading information: i.e. there is no minimum limit of 30 guests and we are, infact, very happy to entertain smaller wedding parties. We also reply promptly to emails and answer any questions you may have.

    Many thanks,

    The Castore Tiziana

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    thanks for clearing that up Castore - unfortunately I have only just seen this now which is unfortunate as the minimum number thing was the reason we decided against your venue as it's so beautiful. We actually have ended up with around 50 so would have been ok anyway! 

    @lisa - we have booked for 17th in the end at the cloisters followed by reception at foreigners club  Not long to go now!! 


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