Shipping large items abroad for wedding???

Hi all


wondering if anyone had any experience of shipping large items abroad for a wedding? In this instance I want to ship a large mirror (tableplan) to Italy for my wedding in the summer. Obviously there is the packaging side of things, but also the cost. any recommendations of companies would be great?


Thanks !


  • Hiya! I'm getting married abroad in July and will be shipping stuff there! As soon as I have a quote, I'll leave a message here. It may not be for another month or so though. :)

  • Melanie33Melanie33 Posts: 53

    Hi Victoria,


    I was given a quote of roughly £170 from DHL for the same purpose. Instead I have chosen to buy extra luggage and putting it on as that. I have also opted for a frame rather than a mirror to avoid the mirror smashing on route. I prefer the look of the mirror but frame is really nice. My stationer is doing the frame so matching all my stationary and very pretty. Just as an option. Alternatively you could still go with the mirror as my stationer is going to bubble wrap it all and just put a sticker on saying fragile. xx

  • Hi Victoria.

    I plan to use Pharosparcel.  I did a quote online and it was very cheap! It's also who my wedding planner advised I use.


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