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So we've finally, after much deliberation, decided on having our wedding in Malta. The place looks beautiful and I've fallen in love with the architecture etc.

I'm trying to do some research on wedding planners which are local to Malta and have come across a few but wanted to check with any of you guys if you have any recommendations?

We're having a small intimate wedding, numbers will most likely be 10 or under.

Any recommendations much appreciated, thanks! 


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    Hi is anyone planning or planned a wedding in Malta? 

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    We're planning a wedding in Malta in May 2017 and using the wedding planner Sarah Young. We met her anx her team last september on a trip to the island and she's been fabulous so far. She responds to emails promptly and has followed up any request or query i've had. Hope this helps! 

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    Hi Rachael95 - thanks for your response. Congrats on your upcoming wedding. Which venue have you chosen?

    I have emailed Sarah Young and have some proposals from her so it's nice to hear that she is recommended.

    All the venues are gorgeous however I'm concerned that they seem a little too big/lavish/fancy for our very small wedding - we're not expecting to have more than 10 guests :-\


  • Rachael95Rachael95 Posts: 15

    Thank you and to you =)

    We went for Villa Rosa in St bar ;).

     I agree they are on the large side, we were taking back by how large the grounds are at villa rosa also at the castle in Mgar which we also viewed. However Sarah and her team were great at showing us how to use all of the space...ceremony in one area...cake and canapes in another....dining in another. We even have an area for seating and then an area for the bar and dj with a dancefloor and were inviting 40 guests....knowing not all will be able to come. 

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    I would recomend if she has sent you information on it.....the castello zamitello in Mgarr. Its beautiful and you could split the grounds in seperate areas for ceremony, drinks reception, dinner, dancing. However i think she sends certain quotes dependant on how much you want to spend. Hope this is helpful =) 


  • Hi,


    We are getting married in Malta in 9 weeks! 

    Our planner is Helen Falzon and she is amazing! We weren't going to have a planner but she has been a huge help, not to mention getting us good deals. You can find her on Facebook. Jewel weddings is her planning name or Helen Falzon.

    she took us everywhere and what we had planned would take us 4 days we got done in 1 day and she j took us there with no appointments


    if you are on Facebook, I'd advise you join us 'I'm getting married in Malta- brides only' is a page where all advice and questions are answered by past, present and future brides.


    our wedding is at the razzet l'abjad. There are around 70 guests coming.


    there are places which will cater for small wedding including hotels, private beaches, or some lovely restaurants/bars with beautiful views.


    we visited around 15 venues last year so any questions  feel   free  ask. Xx


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