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Getting Married in Sicily-Advise please!

Hi All


I am planning on getting married in Sicily and have been in touch with a few locations that offer this service.

I have been advised that most of the locations (beach front hotel etc) can offer a civil ceremony which is not actually legal.

Cut a long story short i have decided to have the ceremony at a local town hall..and then the reception/dinner at a hotel, has anyone else chosen this option for their wedding?

If so did you book and arrange with the town hall separately, or is this something a planner/hotel can arrange?

I don't know where to start lol





  • Lavinia77Lavinia77 Posts: 92

    Hi Lea,

    This is exactly what we are doing. The Cathedral on the Duomo Square in Ortygia, Syracuse is stunning, but as neither of us are Catholic, and we are both divorced it is a no go.

    However, the Town hall is on the Duomo square and is gorgeous!

    So we will be getting married there and then having a reception afterwards. There is a lot of legal paperwork you need to do before hand in the UK, which you will need assistance with.

    I have been speaking with a planner who has someone based in London, and someone based in Sicily. They are from and I have been speaking with Lina.

    They charge around £600-800 for all the paperwork, translator, booking the Town hall and booking a reception venue. I liked the fact that they had someone UK based and someone in Sicily, so we will be meeting with them when we go on holiday there in July and hopefully get some plans sorted, they can also recommend photographers, make up artists, hairdressers etc

    Some that I have been speaking to want more than double that for the same service.

    You can contact the hotels direct, and they will have their own 'event' planners, who wont charge you for helping you with your booking. You can start talking thousands if you get a planner involved for everything, and that's before anyone has eaten or drank anything!

    Hope that's of some help



  • Liane6Liane6 Posts: 2

    Hello Lavinia,

    Thank you for your reply it is really helpful.

    We are thinking of staying in Sicily near the hotel we are planning to have the reception in..just for a few days this year so we can gauge how far it is away from the airports etc for the guests.

    I will have a look at the website you have kindly suggested as having someone UK based would be a great help!  i have been quoted some prices for venues and they don't seem too bad, but obviously costs will increase once you start adding the foods/drinks/hair etc.



  • Lavinia77Lavinia77 Posts: 92

    Hi Liane,


    How are you getting on with your planning?

    We are going over to Sicily next week to visit the town hall and some potential venues.

    I've been speaking with 2 planners, one of which wanted £200 just to show us the town hall!! Ermmmm I think I could go and knock on the door myself LOL.....

    Just waiting for another one to get back to me, who I was really honest with, as I don't think we want/need/want to pay for a full wedding planning service.

    It's about £600 to book the town hall in Ortigia, and for someone to do all the legal side and translator on the day. I've contacted a few reception venues myself, and have also befriended a few local restaurant owners last year, who I have stayed in contact with.

    I think that's the best way, unless you have £20k to burn

    Plus I will befriend the owner of the apartment we are staying in, and see who they know. I'd rather that, than pay extortionate fees to a planner to book something I can book myself.

    We're not tight or hard up,  but I'm not prepared to pay someone to do something that I can do myself!



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