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I wondered if people could share experiences and recommendations for suppliers/accomo/dos and donts when getting married in the Algarve! If you've previously had your wedding or any planning a wedding, it would great to hear your thoughts as I'm in the process! 



  • Hi 

    I specialise in planning weddings i had one in Vilamoura in September 2015, please drop me an email and i will be happy to help [email protected]


    Daniella x

  • Hello!

    We are getting married in Portugal in July this year, we are using Algarve Wedding Planners and they are amazing. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they are always there at the end of an email! I've been quite stressed this week and contacting them all the time, they have been so patient and sorted everything for us.

    Good luck!

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    I´m planning to move to Algarve in June this year and starting a photography business. I´m looking for a wedding where I could be a second photographer (for free), so I can get some wedding photos for my portfolio. My web is not ready, but you can find some pictures: Still working on it :)

    Please let me know if You are interested: [email protected]

    Thank you,


  • I got married in Lagos at Duna Beach, organised the wedding myself. Asked around for suppliers and spoke to them directly which works out a lot cheaper than using a wedding planner. There's loads of groups on Facebook with all kinds of suppliers for weddings in the Algarve. I shipped everything over on a pallet as I wanted an Alice in wonderland theme, bought everything from ebay, Etsy and sent it over to Portugal, it didn't cost a lot. From organising my own I have made friends with lots of planners, venues and suppliers as I also photograph the occasional wedding out there too. If you need any help give me a shout,



  • Hi there! 

    If you don´t have a wedding photographer yet, please check our site: 

  • Hi I just got engaged on Christmas day and we are looking at getting married in Tavira, Aug 2019. I have absolutely no idea where to start!

    I've been married before can I marry in a church?

    We have a villa, can we marry there?

    I love Tavira castle can we marry there?

    What about a beach? In August it will be packed??

    Can't spend a lot on a wedding planner but think I will need one to help with paper work? Photographs are important to me but again on a budget so need good reasonably priced photographer. Having the reception at the villa(that's the only thing I'm sure about) any ideas on how to feed 40 guests on the cheap?x

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    I am a professional makeup artist in the Algarve, specialising in bridal makeup.

    I know how complicated it is to plan a wedding abroad, so if there's anything I can do to help you, please let me know. I will also drop the link to my facebook page, if you wish to have a look and a chat 

    Bookings are getting busy with the great majority of suppliers by this time, so I suggest you start getting in touch with each of them and get your date secured, the Algarve is top destination for weddings, so as sooner, the better.

    I will be more than happy to help.

    Susana xx


  • Hi,
    I'm a professional makeup artist based in Algarve, and also work in partnership with a hairstylist.
    Please fill free to contact me, i'm totally free to help you.
    Thank you.

    Vera Chumbinho
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