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Hi Ladies! 

we are hopeful to get married in Positano, Amalfi Coast Italy. we are open to Praiano and surrounding areas but all I want is prices! im struggling to find prices online and via email. 

Has anyone got any ideas of were to look for prices or had your own wedding there? 



  • Hiya,


    Best thing to do is find a few planners in teh area and email them with your requirements, just say not sure on budget yet (if you aren't) and then they will send you some ideas of places and prices :) i had lots of people email me with info for all over italy! - might have amalfi coast info somewhere will have a look for you xx

  • Hello, i am a documentary photographer based in the UK, and i fell in love with Amalfi Coast last year when i was there with my partner. We are moving to Ravello late August/early September and I have now taken my first booking for wedding in Amalfi region. The first 5 weddings i book will be offered at a discounted rate due to building my '' Amalfi Cost'' portfolio.

    If you would like to discuss prices further please feel free to look at the link to some of my wedding pictures. -



  • Sal8Sal8 Posts: 4

    I got married at hotel Tramonto D'oro in Praiano and it was amazing and very reasonably priced! We also had the best photographer, she is based there part of the year, her website is  

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    I would definitely e-mail a few wedding planners in Italy. We are getting married in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast and i found this the most helpful way to get an idea of venues & prices.

    By e-mailing a few planners we also got a good feel of who we wanted to go ahead and book with. Some planners never bothered replying, some took a while to get back to you but the planner we booked with was straight on it sending emails over with venues, ideas and prices and answering all our questions. 

    Hope that helps and good luck - there are so many beautiful places to choose from! :-) x

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