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I'm looking to book a holiday to Mexico this november for Easter 2018.  e and h2b have picked a destination and hotel available through thomson. Does anyone have any recent experience of booking a wedding through them as iv read a lot of horror stories and am starting to worry? Wanted to book with a tour operator to make it easier for guests to book themselves onto the holiday if they want to come. I'm not planning a huge wedding so am not going to be very fussy on photographers/flower etc etc but don't want to feel like I'm getting messed around and that paperwork and documents aren't getting sorted for us causing extra stress. Thanks in advance!

also in the brochure certain hotels say that weddings are free with different packages included if booking to stay at the same hotel and booking through thomsons, is this still the same if you book with an independent organiser or not does anyone know?


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    I have just booked my wedding through Thomson for May 2017. You may struggle to book that far in advance, we had to wait until the holidays were released which was April until we could book for next year.

    The booking process was fine, however you'll need to be very proactive to ensure anything gets done, I have has to do a lot of chasing in regard to emails and phone calls to make sure they are processing our dates (which we may have to wait 8 weeks for confirmation). Other than that they seem okay but customer service is definitely not their strong point.

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    Hiya, Ive booked through Thomson, I get married in Dominican in 3 months! yay!

    We booked it last april which is when they release their dates for the following year. All was great at the time of booking, we booked in the shop and then we had some issues after that.

    we chased for a confirmed wedding date so the rest of the guests could book, I chased them every 4 weeks and kept getting fobbed off which was stressful and frustrating. Eventually I went to the resort direct- dreams Palm beach Punta Cana and they confirmed the date and sent me all the info I needed! all has been fine since. My guests booked elsewhere in the end as the delay between us booking and the date getting confirmed, the prices increased!

    Anyway its not so bad, we haven't had any dealings with Thomson since they've confirmed the wedding date (eventually!), we are happy at this stage but if we went back to do it all again, I think Id book via a independent travel agent or even direct with the resort etc but Its not an issue now. The resort are who I've been liaising with over the past few months and they are amazing. I email our co-ordinator to ask her a question and no matter how silly it may be, she replies within a few days and puts my mind at rest. There is also a facebook page for current/past brides of my resort so when you know where you would like to marry, see if you can find one like it or ask on here and chat with other brides.

    My overall recommendation is research where you would like to get married, then search for reviews on how they handle weddings and then book it through whoever you like! The resort will be the ones who make your day special when it comes down to it. Our resort offers a package that covers most of what we need and then we have added extras, but extras are pricey so shop around and find as much info as poss.

    Another thing to consider is the legalities. I'm unsure of the requirements for mexico but if you want a legal ceremony, research what is involved because that could cost you extra, I think mexico require a health screen or blood test when you arrive im not too sure?- Dominican is costing us around £1k in legal documentation fees but it means we will be legally married by a judge on the beach which is what we wanted. Some people have a legal ceremony on the quiet before they go to save cash.


    Good luck with it- feel free to email me if you want to ask anything else


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    Hi Lauren 236 

    Im Also getting marriedin cyprus next May  atlantica aeneas hotel,,,still waiting on my date to be confirmed,,have u had yours back yet? How long did it take for them to get back to you? 

    Also what are you planning for the reception I was wanting to just have the chairs covered in the buffet areas they say you can have for a cost ofcourse...can't wait til they get back to me so I can sort things 

    Thanks for any replys 


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    Thomsons are a huge tour operator, because of this they are processing 100's of bookings a day. Their accommodation is not the best standard, and at their hotels you will find there will be 3-5 weddings a DAY.


    If you want great service, and want properties where it is your wedding only, pay a little more and go through someone like Kuoni who will look after every detail - you are assigned a one person contact, so no being on hold for 40 minutes before getting through to a call centre.



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