How are non-English civil ceremonies structured?


We are looking to get married in Croatia next year but we know that legally the ceremony has to be conducted in Croatian so we will have an English translator. How does this work in the ceremony? Are the vows said in Croatian, then translated in English, then we repeat?? Not sure how this will feel, I haven't ever been to an abroad wedding before and don't want the constant translating to take away from the ceremony. Wish I could see a video of translated vows! Can anyone give any advice or share their experience? Thanks!



    For the wedding to be legally valid it has to be conducted in the language of the country you are getting married. So I am afraid it will be in Croatian with translation of every word into English.

    Ive been recently to a wedding in England between an Englishman and a German Woman and it was obviously mostly in English for legal reasons. It was translated into German for the benefit of the father of the bride who did not speak English. The readings were in German and English versions were provided. I particularly thought the translation made the ceremony unnecessarily long and a bit boring to be honest. 

    One alternative for you would be to get married in a register in England one day before the flight to Croatia and just have a "fake ceremony" in English. Basically a ceremony without legal validity, which you wont need as you would already be married in the UK. It would also save you a lot of hassle translating documents and having the wedding recognised in the UK. A friend of mine did this and it worked really well. 

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