Villa Sorrento

Has anybody got names/details of villas in and around Sorrento? we need room for minimum 8 people and must have a pool! 

Really struggling to find anything


thanks x 


  • Sara50Sara50 Posts: 196

    Hi Helen, 

    Have you asked your wedding planner for any recommendations? Mine emailed me a long list when I enquired - I have just checked through my emails but for some reason I cant find it! 

    These are the ones we recommended to our guests on our wedding website - we narrowed down from the list provided by the planner:  

    Villa Rufola Sorrento

    Villa Ocean 

    Villa Giuliana 

    I do think they are all located out of Sorrento though - we struggled to find anything with a pool in a central location. Villa la Contessina  is right by the cloisters but it doesn't have a pool! 


  • Helen1989Helen1989 Posts: 14

    Thanks very much! She has emailed some over but none with pools. We've just found a set of four villas around a pool so have emailed the owner to get some costs. 

    I dont think i could go on holiday without a pool! xx

  • emma377emma377 Posts: 25

    Hi Helen, I am really struggling too. Can I ask what the name of the four Villas is please xx

  • MrsT-to-beMrsT-to-be Posts: 113

    My friend married there in 2014 and her family all stayed at this set of four villas which shared a pool. The pics don't really do it justice and it's perfect location just a short walk from the centre of sorrento

  • emma377emma377 Posts: 25

    Thank you MrsT-to-be I will defo be going to ok at this when I go in a few weeks X 

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