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Numbers dilemma help!

Hi all 

Our wedding is next August in Greece and we've been told we can have a maximum of 28 guests. 

Our guest list is already at the maximum but other members of my family have indicated they would like to come. 

What did other brides do in terms of finding out who would come. We want to find out how many people would want to come before we send out the invites then we know if the people on our current guest list say no we can invite people off the "extra" guest list.  Does this make sense? 

Family politics is a minefield and we have no idea what to do. I know at the end of the day it is our wedding but there are some people we would like to invite if we had more numbers...

What would you suggest? Please help! 


Holly x


  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    I assumed that was the point of an invitation and RSVPs?

    You could always call them and ask prior to sending if you didnt want to send out invites to people who cant come? Im guessing most people will be in couple so probably a max of 14 calls?


  • hiya! I sent out a pre save the date message to everyone and that's been helpful for numbers... Hang on will find the wording... 

  • Our Italian Wedding!

    Dear xx

    As you may already know, we are planning to get married next year in sunny Italy!

    We have chosen our venue, and will be booking it all in the next few weeks - for Friday xx 2017! So exciting 😄

    We would love for you to be able to join us out there, and wanted to drop a quick preliminary message to see if this is something that would be feasible for you? We hope that this will be a great holiday for you, as well as a special and unique wedding for us, shared with our closest friends and family! Of course, we completely understand that it may be too far to travel, but it would mean the world to us if you could be there to celebrate with us!

    Please could you let us know if you would be likely to attend, this is just to get an idea of initial numbers for us and would really help us in planning! Official Save the Dates will be sent after we have received the replies 😊

    Thanks in advance,


    hope that helps xx

  • That is fab thank you! We wanted to do something a little more heartfelt than a phone call just to make it more "official" so guests felt like they were being thought of. A lot of our guests are Canadian as I have family there and my OH is half Canadian so is useful to know how many will make the trip. 

    We are going to visit next month so will definitely draw these up :) thanks!


  • You're welcome :-) we sent this as email/text/fb messGe and most people replied immediately only waiting for 3 more so we have a good idea of numbers! 

    Good luck with your planning xx

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