Destination Italy Brides - Civil Ceremony Help!

Hello everyone! I am having a civil ceremony in Sorrento early this summer and am struggling a bit on how to personalize the ceremony so that it comes out ok. I found the script of what the civil ceremony looks like  ( -- pdf at the bottom) and it's rather dry, especially when reading from the statutes, although we can personalize it with poems/readings, whatever. I may be the most non-creative person out there!  I know there's only so much that I can do, but was wondering if anyone with some experience would mind sharing some specifics on what they did or intend to do to make the ceremony just a tad bit more special.  Did you move around the sections of text? At what point did you insert readings so that it all flowed okay? 


Thanks so much for your time and whatever information you're willing to share!






  • Im getting married in Italy in September and found them quite dry too! Our wedding planner advised us to have the official vows read by the officiant then read our own vows - however long or short we like then do the exchange or rings and readings afterwards. We've written some short vows and asked 2 family members to do a reading of their choice to make it more personal. We're also having some music played by a string quartet before and after to make the ceremony flow a little better. Hope this helps! xx

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