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  • nicole18nicole18 Posts: 163 New bride

    Huge wedding compared to ours! 

  • Linda-9Linda-9 Posts: 1

    David and I got married this summer in beautiful Santorini and Alexandra was our wedding planner. 

    We couldn't be happier with our special day and her services, she was very supportive the whole time leading up to, during and also after the wedding. We really had the best day of our lives and a lot of that was thanks to her. She helped us find and book the most amazing venue, I was so happy with the make-up artist, hair dresser and florist that I picked out of those she suggested. The cake she provided was scrumptious and all the other little bits that made it all so so special. 

    Santorini is magical and Alexandra is a very lovely, calm and professional person to be part of your big day, she cares about what she does a lot and that shows. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is tying the know out there. 


  • Chelsey5Chelsey5 Posts: 40

    Linda-9 you seemed to have had a great experience with Gold Weddings.Where did you get married? We are getting married at Santorini Gem venue.

  • Lowri3Lowri3 Posts: 10

    We are in the process of booking our weding in Santorini.Recently we got in touch with Gold Weddings team and so far are very satisfied.Can't decide on a venue though...not yet..we are between Rocabella hotel and Santorini Gem.Pricewise the difference is huge but Rocabella  includes accommodation for some nights.

  • Lowri3 wrote (see post):

    We are in the process of booking our weding in Santorini.Recently we got in touch with Gold Weddings team and so far are very satisfied.Can'tide on a venue though...not yet..we are between Rocabella hotel and Santorini Gem.Pricewise the difference is huge but Rocabella  includes accommodation for some nights.

    Lowri hi...we used Alexandra and highly recommend her.Both venues look fabulous! Does Rocabella have indoor area in case of bad weather?we got married at Ilioperato hotel but if you got many guests that wouldn't fit you all.

  • Hi we're aiming for destination wedding (nautical inspired) next year. What is the consensus when it comes to the accommodation of your guests? Do you pay only for the closest family? The entourage? Only for the first night? Thanks!

  • If they know in advance they could save and could just recommend them hotels close to your venue not necessarily pay for them.

  • We intend to pay only for our parents' stay 

  • Need help plz!

    Looking for hotels recommendations for our guests in Kamari and Perissa.Any ideas?

  • Perissa aqua blue hotel 

  • Some of my guests are staying at Santo Miramare hotel in Perivolos area whilst some others at Veggera resort at Perissa 

  • Thank you!xx

    We finally booked Rocabella hotel the exclusive pool !! Am so excited!!

    We are also thinking of flying out next month to go and meet our planner Alexandra and the venue,hopefully we get a good deal on flights and hotel.




  • We got married in Santorini on 17th September 2017 and used Gold-Weddings Santorini.
    Alexandra was amazing and every message/email or call was replied to within hours, if not minutes.
    We decided to get married and go with Alexandra's company without ever visiting Santorini or meeting her in person, as we felt so comfortable with the contact and fast responses. This was a big risk for us and one that paid off massively.
    When we arrived and finally met, we were extremely happy and knew we had made the right choice. Not only did Alexandra help arrange the wedding from start to finish, but she added lots of additional touches and extras that we hadn't thought of having and really made our day special. The whole day was smooth and family/friends said its the best wedding they have ever been to! We would really recommend the plate smashing!!
    Also, as a local, Alexandra was able to tell us lots of restaurants and trips that may be worth a look, so we didn't spend time on the island wondering around and having to figure it out ourselves.
    The legal document side of things were also a lot more straight forward than we thought, and Alexandra met with us a few days later to go to the local town hall to pick up our certificates.
    If anyone is thinking of using a wedding planner in Santorini, Alexandra and the Gold Weddings team will take care of you 100%. They went above and beyond what we expected and we will always be grateful. Hope you liked your thank you gift ! :-)

  • Congrats it is so comforting hearing so good reviews for the planner we booked and the place we are getting married! Smashing plates must be fun!Need to check with my venue though if they allow it

  • nicole18nicole18 Posts: 163 New bride

    Oh plate smashing is so much fun.There are many local restaurants organising greek nights with dancers and plates smashing.make sure you do not miss it!

  • MataMata Posts: 2

    Hey all!

    We have been recently in touch with Gold Weddings in order to plan our wedding in Santorini.So far we are very satisfied by their service they are very helpful.

    Thinking of having a more intimate wedding max.25 guests did anybody have so little guests?

    Venue wise I am getting a bit confused, love the look and views of Rocabella hotel exclusive pool but Santorini Gem is also beautiful..

    Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

  • Mata Comgratulations we chose the same wedding planning company and their service is the best you could ever have .

    I love the look of Santorini Gem with its gardens and pools .ceremony and reception area looks also more intimate.I would choose rocabella if I had more guests.


  • nicole18nicole18 Posts: 163 New bride

    I like Santorini Gem most xx

  • All venues must be nice! Santorini is such an amazing place!

    Now I am in the process of choosing a wedding cake but also like the idea of an ice cream cart.Anyone knowing how much this may cost?

  • nicole18nicole18 Posts: 163 New bride

    The cake was complimentary from our wedding planner but have no idea how much an ice-cream cart would cost you.sorry for not helping much!

  • Ok thanks! Our budget for an ice cream cart is max.600 euros so hopefully something will fulfil our criteria.



  • Hi


    We booked Alexandra to plan our wedding 2 weeks ago.We are very enthusiastic so far as she replies right away and is very helpful.

    Our wedding is taking place July 2018 in Pyrgos restaurant( we decided to have everything in one place-we hate moving our guests around)and 50 guests are coming for sure.

    Have heard that Pyrgos offers big quantities of food and we could party till 1am

    Would love having a harpist as I walk down the aisle but will decide that later on.


  • nicole18nicole18 Posts: 163 New bride

    Congrats Lisa394!

    You made a wonderful choice both Alexandra and Pyrgos are the best you could book for this day.

    We had dinner with close family at Pyrgos and were very surprised with the quantity and good quality of food they offered!

  • Hi


    We booked our wedding with Gold Weddings too.We are planning to get married in July 2019 at Santorini Gem wedding venue.

    I am so excited and my planner Alexandra is super wow so far!

  • nicole18nicole18 Posts: 163 New bride

    Congratulations ! I agree Gem seems beautiful many guests are you inviting?

  • Chelsey5Chelsey5 Posts: 40

    Hiya girls!

    It's been a while..I was wondering if any of you have had live dancers and plate smashing? It seems cool!

  • nicole18nicole18 Posts: 163 New bride

    Hey! hiring dancers and musicians to perform at your wedding is such a fun! everyone will stand up dancing and smashing plates! I think it is a must xX

  • genagena Posts: 3

    We contacted Gold-Weddings team last week for our Santorini wedding next year.Their  replies were really fast and the tailored package they offered us, seems perfect.Still waiting though another wedding cosultant to send us their offer before deciding.

  • emilia9emilia9 Posts: 2

    Hiya We are in the process of booking with Alexandra and her team.Her work is amazing,she's got great feedback and can't wait to start planning my wedding with her.We are looking into booking Cavo Ventus for our wedding and am super excited!


  • kelly297kelly297 Posts: 2

    Alexandra is the best!Our wedding day couldn't have been the same without her.She was so patient with all our silly questions and always replied right away.

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