Thomson weddings??



Has anyone used Thomsons to book their wedding? What was your experience?

We are planning to get married in Sorrento next year. I've found a beautiful restaurant out there for the reception, they can also help with flowers, photographer etc but cannot arrange the ceremony (at the Cloisters). We thought we would just book the ceremony with Thomsons for ease but have read mixed reviews...


  • Joanne147Joanne147 Posts: 30

    We are in the process of booking our through Thomsons for our wedding this year in Austria - when we have visited the shop they have been very helpful, we are having to be very proactive regarding requesting information for the paperwork we are sending off, so if you are looking for someone to do everything for you they probably wouldnt be best - but up to now our experience with them has been great!

  • Lauren236Lauren236 Posts: 4



    I booked my wedding with Thomson for next May to Mexico. We booked our holiday and wedding through the shop and they seemed very helpful and have been helpful. However, their weddings department is not as good. It took a week for them to process my wedding contract and now I may have to wait another 8 weeks for my date to be confirmed. When I have rang them the guy I got through to didn't really want to talk to me, however over email their general enquiries are quite good. I have a feeling I am going to have to chase everything up to ensure I get my date through.






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