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Need a location for a very small wedding abroad

Hi. I'm planning our wedding and wonder if anyone would have any good suggestions. For a number of reasons, we want it to be very small - just the two of us, his mum, and our two boys (age 8 and 3). We would love to get married abroad, somewhere sunny and on the beach. We don't have any other fixed ideas so are very flexible. We want somewhere luxurious so it feels very romantic and special. However, we will also need to think of entertaining our two very active boys. Would hotels be able to provide childcare for the day? Is it something that can be arranged? And what would be the best location? The best hotel? I like the idea of Sri Lanka or Mauritius but the thought of a really long flight with my two boys scares me a bit... However, we are thinking of getting married around next Christmas so may need to go a bit further for the sun. Finally, is admin and all the paperwork a complete nightmare when it comes to holidays abroad? Would it be easier to get married here and have the ceremony only there? Any advice would be appreciated!! Thanks


  • Heya! Reids Hotel, on Madeira Island! Owned by Portugal but closer to Africa, it's beautiful!! :) We are having our small destination wedding there in July. 

  • If you think of anywhere or anyone recommends anywhere please can you let me know as we're thinking of doing this ourselves. 

    However we are looking at a family friendly resort so we can make it a nice family holiday for us and our children therefore we have kind of ruled out the carribean xx

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