transporting my wedding dress

I am planning to buy my dress in the UK and take it with me to Ravello, italy.

What is the best way of doing this to avoid any damage or creasing?



  • K1984K1984 Posts: 88

    I'm interested to know this too as ill be taking mine from down south to up north on the train. Might have to buy it a seat!

  • Linda-5Linda-5 Posts: 7

    You can buy a dress  carrier  from wedding shops or on line  I am taking  mine  on a plane   

  • ive been told hand luggage in a box... Ask the shop to fold it into there the day before you fly if that's possible as they'll know best way to avoid creasing... And then check the hotel has a steamer so the dress can be steamed and hung out when you get there xx

  • ka5ka5 Posts: 49

    I think most people either use a travel box or suitcase as carry on. I had an A line dress and it fit comfortably in a carry on suitcase and I had it pressed when I arrived. BA also gave me a fragile sticker for the suitcase at check in. If you're buying a special box I have heard of online companies that specifically meet airline carry on size requirements but can't remember the names at the moment I'm afraid. Apparently layering with acid free tissue will also prevent creasing. I have read some people stream creases out when they arrive by putting the dress in the bathroom with the shower on, but I was concerned water would drip on the dress. As previously mentioned most dress shops will fold your dress into your box/case to minimise creasing too. I didn't like having to transport mine (8 hr flight!) But all was fine x

  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,342 New bride

    I am taking my has my hand luggage in a small suitcase,  the shop is going to pack it for me the day before I fly x

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