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Destination wedding basic costs rules - help needed!!

Hi there all..firstly apologies if this had been asked previously..I am a newbie to planning a wedding and other this site!!! 

I would like to know who pays for guests accommodation etc for a wedding abroad..we were thinking about a villa in marrakech for approx 26 guests so then they just have their flights to pay for plus food/drink excl  the wedding day but honestly now I'm thinking .....mmmmm maybe not....being too generous????

If we go to Spain / Portugal would it be wrong that the guests pay for their own accommodation? And the duration be for 3 days not the 5 I had initially planned.

Would truly appreciate some advice..






  • Sarah398Sarah398 Posts: 266

    If I went to a wedding abroad I would expect to pay for my own travel and hotel.  

    I know people who have gone to weddings abroad which have been all paid for & thought at the time that was very extravagant but lovely x

  • Sarah683Sarah683 Posts: 1

    There is absolutely no expectation that you pay for their accommodation!

    We have booked exclusive use of a venue which also has accommodation on site for our guests (there will be 40 of us in total). The venue won't accept individual payments from guests, which is not uncommon, so the options are (a) we fund all accommodation costs, or (b) guests pay us.

    I would much rather that the amount which guests pay us is then invested back into the wedding for an open bar, better food, music etc. We are thinking a nominal sum per room so we are subsidising their accommodation quite heavily. The wedding will be over 3 days we will have all meals put on for them - breakfast, dinner the night before, post-wedding brunch etc... so it really is just flights and accommodation for guests!

    I've seen on some forums that guests paying the couple is a bit controversial, but our numbers are small and our closest friends/family so we don't expect it to be an issue. We'll be setting up a Paypal account to make it easier logistics-wise!

    We actually thought that paying for all guest accommodation might seem a bit OTT and, as you say, may be seen as overly generous.

  • Angelamay87Angelamay87 Posts: 153

    I went to a wedding in nice and I paid for my travel and accommodation

    The bride and groom paid for transport from our hotel to the church and then from the church to the reception and home again, but this was for all guests x

  • Manc84 wrote (see post):

    I've booked a villa in Marrakech for our wedding and it sleeps 16 people so we're putting up the bridal party, we've also booked a cheap villa down the road for h2b family who wouldn't be able to come if we didn't help them. Everyone else is sorting themselves.

    It was SO expensive to try and cover everyone's accommodation, but on the day itself we'll be organising all transport, having a free bar and a big BBQ the following day for everyone. We wouldn't have been able to do this if we tried to cover everyone's hotels and like the others mentioned it really isn't expected.

    I went to a wedding in Cyprus where we booked our own hotels and sorted ourselves and at no time did it ever cross my mind that someone else should pay for me. 

    To be honest- some guests like to do their own thing as well so if you're getting married abroad they might see that as a great opportunity for a mini break or holiday so wouldn't want to be with everyone else for their time away. If you want to pick my brains about Marrakech just let me know- I flew over and looked at a tonne of villas and locations! Good luck x

    Hi there! I hope your wedding in Marrakech went lovely :) I just wondered if you had someone do your make up and hair locally? I am trying to find someone at the moment. Thanks in advance x



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