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Honouring quotes

Hello everybody, (sorry for the long post!)

I am planning a last minute wedding and I'm having a few problems with a venue and would really appreciate your thoughts and advice! Just in case anyone thinks I'm bringing this worry on myself by having a last minute wedding then there is a reason. We have been engaged since last August and about a week later I was diagnosed with cancer. I have been in treatment since and have recently been told that I am in remission!  We decided we didn't want to wait and we're going to get married in 2016! So anyway... we were in talks with a venue that had a cancelled wedding date on a Saturday in summer (perfect!) and one in autumn. We knew we were getting a very good deal (particularly on the summer one) because they needed to fill the slot/were potentially able to charge twice for some things. They even offered to negotiate on wine price etc without any prompting from us! We only ever talked to the venue about exclusive use. They told us that all Saturdays have to be exclusive use as standard anyway. We asked them to send us a quote specifically for us (including some things we discussed). On the two separate quotes they have specifically stated that these quotes are for exclusive use of the venue. In the email that the paperwork is attached to they also state that these quotes are for exclusive use...

Yesterday they emailed us saying they had made a mistake and to make it exclusive we have to pay an extra £3000!!! We are really gutted. I feel like they should have to honour everything they said and their emails and the quotes! I feel like there has never been any ambiguity. We have a two week hold on the summer date and they said they'd call us if anyone enquired about the autumn one (so we can have first refusal) as we were waiting for their quotes to decide on which date to go for. £3000 is a huge amount of money. Where do you think we stand? Do you think they have to honour their quote? I'm just so disappointed . Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.


  • MrsG2bxxMrsG2bxx Posts: 868

    Firstly, I am so glad to hear that you are in remission and what a truly wonderful way to celebrate! I also don't blame you at all for booking your wedding up for so soon! I bet it was nice to have such a distraction and something to focus on while you were going through a tough time!

    Secondly, I think your venue are being very unfair only telling you this now! this should have been mentioned when you asked about exclusivity on the day, they made it sound like it comes as standard for Saturday weddings.  I would arrange a meeting with them or phone them and tell them that had you of known this you wouldn't have booked the venue as it is over the budget you have allowed yourself. Also tell them that you made it clear you wanted exclusive use of the venue and were not told it came with a fee.

    I hope that you get this sorted, I really do think its very unfair that they have dropped this on you now! xxxx

  • C9C9 Posts: 8

    Thanks for your message! You're right - it was such a good distraction - especially looking at the dresses!  I'll definitely set up a meeting with them to discuss face to face. I'm not sure if they'll honour their original quote though because we haven't actually signed on the dotted line yet (sorry if I didn't make that clear in my original post). I'm worried they'll just sit there looking at me and saying no - even though I have all the proof of their quotes stating exclusive use. I guess there's only one way to find out though! Wish one of us was a lawyer or something ha ha ha so we could present a more confident case to them. As it is we shall just have to try our best to stick by our guns and not feel like they have all the power!

    Fingers crossed!   

  • MrsG2bxxMrsG2bxx Posts: 868

    My H2B is a contracts manager and pulls apart contract for a living - including contracts going to court - I literally dread anything to do with a contract, like when we started renting, he completely pulled it apart in front of the poor estate agent and had loads of it changed before he would sign it - in fairness, he was right to do it and he saved us a lot of hassle in the long run by doing so, however, I am not confrontational at all and I just felt like I wanted to hide away!

    anyway.....I am not sure where you would stand seeing as it isn't signed but I am happy to ask my H2B - I think it sounds like false advertising, they have made a very attractive quote for you and your OH, you say yes to it, set your heart on it and then they say 'actually, no, you cant have it!' take everything with you, keep calm and state the facts. xx


  • C9C9 Posts: 8

    Thanks :-) When I manage to set up a meeting I'll try and get back on here to let you know how it goes :-) 

  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    Is it this summer? What date is it? Because summer is sooo close now that I very much doubt they would find someone else to take the slot and I think that if you use this to your advantage you should be able to come to a compromise. Maybe not the original quote but definitely should be able to haggle the extra £3000 down. Or at least if there is anything about the package you are happy to change etc then you can take stuff off and ask the to go with the original price. Definitely meet them and discuss it - they made a mistake after all so if they go into the meeting expecting you to agree to the higher price then they are kidding themselves!

    Good luck and glad to hear you are doing well :) let us know how you get on!

  • C9C9 Posts: 8

    Hi and thank you for responding :-) Yeah it's this summer. We're super hoping we have a good bargaining point - especially as, like you say, it's this summer so not long for them to book anything else! 

  • C9C9 Posts: 8

    Hi guys,


    As I promised - here's an update. The venue won't honour the exclusive use quotes at all. Really disappointed of course. We've managed to get them to include half a bottle of wine on the table per person but only at the expensive of having only one glass of sparkling wine per person at the reception instead of the original two glasses which were quoted for. It may work out at a slight saving for us but really it feels more like it's just a swap. They won't agree to any other savings no matter how small. Considering they messed up big time with their quotes I wish they would try and make up for it a bit. Guess it would just take the sting out of it for us. As it is, we really can't afford to drop another £3000 on the wedding for the exclusive use so we're having to decide whether or not we would be happy if another event is booked at the same venue on our date. Worst case scenario is that it could be dinner and dancing for up to 120 people (only thing they can say is that it definitely wouldn't be another wedding). Or it could be a smaller party. Or nothing. We have no idea  Decisions decisions.  

  • Laura GraceLaura Grace Posts: 334 New bride

    Such a tough one.  Initially I'd be thinking screw them, I wouldn't want to get married somewhere where I'd been treated badly (as well as put money in their pockets).  But at the same time it's the whole cutting your nose off to spite your face thing... If it's your dream venue then go for it.  You will be so wrapped up in each other on the day, you won't even notice a few extra people in a room you're not even going to use.

    Whatever you decide, I wish you all the happiness in the world, it sounds like you deserve it xxx

  • C9C9 Posts: 8

    I'm having exactly the same thought process! Thank you so much  x

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