Wedding bands/musicians... DECISIONS!!!

Hi :)

I'm on the hunt for our wedding band and wondered if anyone has any recommendations, unsure if we should just look in Italy (getting married near to Pisa), or if we should look here (UK) as well and consider paying flights/accom for the band/musician. 

Our first dance will be Ed Sheeran Thinking out loud... I definitely want this played live one person with a guitar!!! I have considered jut one musician with a guitar to play a set then going into disco after... do you think a full band is nicer, and gets the party going better? So many decisions!!! 

Be great to know what other people are doing, and if there's anyone you would recommend!

Thanks =] xxx


  • Sarah398Sarah398 Posts: 266

    Hi, we are also having that song as our first dance!

    We are getting married in UK & are having a Motown band & between sets a DJ.  

    We want it very upbeat so I wanted a full band, but single musicians are also very good these days & I considered having 1 of them as well for drinks reception but budget wouldnt stretch that far.

    I'm hiring my band through an entertainments agency, is there 1 in italy?

    I wouldnt go to the cost of paying for a UK band to go accross to Italy as there is bound to be great bands/musicians in Italy.

    Let us know how you do x

  • Oooo I love motown... great option!

    Will look and see if entertainment agencies exist in Italy lol! Hmmm this is my issue, keen on the idea of a single musician as love those types of artists, but would they keep the party going enough? But DJ could liven it afterwards... argh so difficult to decide haha! 


  • Me again!!!

    Would love it if any more reccomendations - I have contacted an events agency and lowest priced band is £1100 (GBP) - not too much over our budget (£800) but would rather we found a cheaper alternative!!!

    I have since emailed a number of bands which I have found after trawling through google/tripadvisor/forums but all so far are coming back at least €1500, often €2000 or more!!!

    Has ANYONE managed to find reasonably priced live band in Tuscany, or Italy in general?

    Hoping for a dream solution haha... otherwise going to have to stretch to the £1100 but if so then need to know asap in case they get booked up :O 

    Please help if you can, tearing my hair out here haha! x


  • CR1689CR1689 Posts: 378


    we had Stephen Cornwell do a set at our wedding and he sang our first dance 'All of Me' but he does cover that Ed song abd he's really good!! If you want his contact deets drop me a message! 

    everyone at our wedding really enjoyed his performance and still talking about it now... And a lot cheaper than above quotes! xx

  • Hi,


    Thanks - I've PMd you =] Good to know that not everyone is super pricey :O xx

  • nicole18nicole18 Posts: 163 New bride

    We had traditional musicians on our wedding in Santorini.Maybe arrange something similar and hopefully is less expensive

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