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Hi there 

really hoping to get married Sept 2017 somewhere in mainland Spain and wondered if anyone could recommend a good wedding planner who specialises in these areas. Looking for an all inclusive venue for 80-100 guests near a chapel if possible. Really don't have a clue where to start! 

many, many thanks in advance :) 



  • Li221Li221 Posts: 14

    Hi Carrie,

    How exciting! I'm loving planning our wedding in Spain! 

    I'm working with Elaine Bray from A Spanish Do and she has been great! She covers Barcelona and Costa Brava.

    There were a couple of others that I got recommended from a photographer but I'm struggling to remember the names. I think one was weddings via val and Philippa events. They both cover the same area. 


  • Carrie-3Carrie-3 Posts: 2

    Thankyou so much for getting back to me, I'll give them a google today. Hope all the plans and prep for your wedding are going great and many congrats to you :)

  • Nicola-GNicola-G Posts: 1

    Hi Carrie, 

    I would highly recommend a wedding in the beautiful town of Nerja, Southern Spain. (Costa Del Sol)

    I would recommend Sonya from Nerja Weddings by Sonya. 

    Here's a link to her and a site with a bit more info about Nerja.

    Hope this helps 

    All the best wedding planning!


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