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So I've contacted a few hair and make up artists in Italy and their quotes seem extortionate!!! I've had anything from €350-€800 just for ME and that doesnt even include a trial! Thinking it's going to be more cost effective to take one out with me, as local quotes are far more what I would expect around £120-£180 for me, and not such a huge premium for BMs/MOB etc either! 

What have other brides done about this? Really want a professional on the day but prices are looking crazy!!! And thinking about it, maybe would be more comfortable with an english make up/ hair artist too?

Hmmmm love to know your thoughts and what you've done?! 



  • Hi Italy Bride,

    I am getting married too in Tuscany (end of August) like you I found the quotes for hair and make up extortionate!! I have a friend who is good at hair and I just want a simple half up do, with loose curls so she is going to do it for me.  We have practiced once and will do so again. My bridesmaids are all doing their own hair.

    As for make-up I really enjoy doing my own and love watching YouTube tutorials.  I had a private lesson with a make-up artist to help with some techniques and I have a good collection, including stuff which will last in the heat.  I am also having  a group make-up lesson for my bridesmaids.

    Doesn't help with the costs you have been quoted but may be something to think about.  I couldn't justify paying the prices I was given!

    All the best xx


  • Thanks for the reply! Oooo not long to go for you then :D bet you're excited! Can I ask, what have you done about music? As bands are also really expensive! Cheapest we have found so far is £1000!!!

    Yeah, I considered doing my own hair/make-up but really want to be treated for that one day lol! I had £300 in the budget for hair/make-up so could just about cover it with flight and 1 nights accom for a MUA to take with me... feel like a celeb flying a hair/make up artist out for me hahahaha!

    Just amazing how high the prices are!


  • We are having a DJ for the evening and a guitarist for the ceremony And drinks after. I don't think there are a great deal of appropriate wedding type bands about. Xx

  • MissJxMissJx Posts: 66

    I found the same problem, 400-900 euros was just not within my budget.

    Instead my Italian friends hairdresser is arranging my up do for a more realistic price, and I have bought a new make up kit and will do it myself. I may have spent quite a bit on makeup but at least I get to keep it!

    we couldn't belive the pricing there either, so don't worry, you are not alone!!

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