I would really like some help please. Im looking at Santorini as my wedding location and wondered if people have married here before and would recommend anywhere? 

I really like the look of Pantheon Villas and thought this would be great as we could all stay here too!

Any help would be really appreciated 


  • Hi Tash7,

    I'm currently torn between Italy or Santorini! Santorini looks absolutely stunning. I recently enquired with Pantheon Villas for prices but they replied saying they don't hold weddings there anymore but could still help with accommodation.

    Santorini Gem is a fairly new venue that I came across and looks amazing! They replied really quick when I emailed asking for prices. It was really reasonable too and the food/drink menu looked decent. Have a look at there website

    They couldnt give me the prices to hire the villa which is on site as don't think the prices are out for 2018 yet but definitely worth a look.

  • Yasmin20Yasmin20 Posts: 5

    Hi!! Congratulations on your upcoming weddings! I'm getting married in le ciel in July 2018!! trying to look at hotels for myself and guests does anyone have any recommendations ? Where is the best place to stay? X

  • Mrs..C..2beMrs..C..2be Posts: 318 New bride

    The next door hotel is pretty nice Yasmin- called Rocabella. They have some lovely suites with hot tubs etc. We went to look there as a possible wedding venue. There are some smaller hotels and villa's nearby too, might be worth doing a quick search of Imvergili on Our guests and wedding party are mostly staying in Kamari when we go next year which is bit more reasonable then some of the other resorts though might be a trek from Le Ciel. 

    Mich I'm getting married at Pygros next year! So excited. I think we saw Santorini Gem and it's lovely if it's one I'm thinking of. Can I ask have you booked a dj or any entertainment? And are you putting up any decorations or anything? I don't get married until next year so not organised very much yet x


  • Mrs..C..2beMrs..C..2be Posts: 318 New bride

    Thank you for the links and further info Mich. I was also wondering if we would need much in the way of centrepieces and decorations given the fabulous view. I do definitely need to sort a dj out though x

  • Yasmin20Yasmin20 Posts: 5

    Aw thank you mrs C 2be!! how far about is kamari from le ceil? im wondering about taxis for the wedding! will definately look at the rockafella!! has anyobdy thought about organising a coach to take guests to wedding and back? What hotel are you staying in?


    Thanks!! x

  • Mrs..C..2beMrs..C..2be Posts: 318 New bride

    I think it was about 25mins from Le Ciel to Kamari. Because majority of our guests are stopping in Kamari and wedding is in Pyrgos I was thinking of organising a transfer but not looked into prices or anything yet x

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