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Hi all!

New to all this so any help and advice is massively appreciated! We are planning on getting married in santorini in 2018, I have contacted Alexandra and gold wedding for some prices and general advice, she replies straight away and is so helpful! 

We are looking for villas for our wedding with accommodation, so everything will be in one location, with other accommodation nearby for other guests, does anyone have any recommendations? I have looked at Dana villas and Anema residence so far but I'm awaiting replies with ideas of prices and whether they can do the wedding and reception all on site. We will also be spending our honeymoon on the island but maybe stay somewhere else for that after the wedding? 


Thanks in advance! 

Leah x


  • Hi Leah,

    Have a look at Santorini Gem, the venue looks amazing and they have a villa that sleeps up to 8 I believe.

    We got prices when we were looking at Santorini and they were really reasonable for what you got.

    Happy planning :)

  • Leah33Leah33 Posts: 8

    Thankyou I'll have a look now  xx

  • Gemma RayGemma Ray Posts: 17

    I Get Married at the Santorini Gem July 2017 and so excited the place looks amazing! we are not staying in the Villa though as we have around 60 guests so we are staying at El Greco Spa and resort which is around 15 minutes away from the Venue. We looked at Dana Villas but as we have so many guests travelling with us the venue was too small as they only hold up to 20 guests.


    I booked through 'perfect weddings abroad' and they have been great! we get married at 5:30 in the evening where there will be an amazing sunset and the pictures will just be spectacular!


    :) xxx

  • Leah33Leah33 Posts: 8

    Thankyou Gemma I've just seen your reply! I will have a nosey at el graco spa as my wedding party sounds a similar size to yours! How long are you staying out there for? 

    Tha ks for your help :) 


  • Leah33Leah33 Posts: 8

    Do any of you have any advice or recommendations on where is best for guests to stay? we have decided on Le ciel for our venue and are going to view in March :) 

  • our guests are staying in Kamari beach

  • We're getting married next August at Dana Villas and are having 28 guests. We've also booked through perfect weddings abroad and are getting married at sunset. 

    No idea what we are doing about the reception part as I still don't know what dana villas offer but I am giving in to the laid back vibe they have!! 

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