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Paperwork Needed for an Italian Wedding

My partner and I are getting married in Italy in August and we have planned the whole thing ourselves. We are having a full civil ceremony out there and are a little stumped with what comes next with the paperwork.

I have gathered most of the paperwork information off of but it doesn't explain the last pieces needed in detail.

We already each have a Statutory Declaration witnessed and signed by a solicitor, a Certificate of No Impediment each signed and stamped from our local registrar. Now this is where we are confused...

The next stages (I think) are to get all 4 documents legalised in Milton Keynes. Once these are returned its just the CNI's that need to be translated and sworn before the Italian courts. (Does this need to be done in Italy or can it be done in the UK)

We have had 3 quotes now ranging from £14 to £700 and I have no idea if I am even asking for the right things.

We do not want to use a wedding co-coordinator because they add on a fee so I would preferably like to do it myself.

Please if anyone has done this themselves then I would love your advice.


  • LoveShoesLoveShoes Posts: 67

    Wow, you're brave. Do you have an interpreter for your ceremony and pre-wedding meetings?

    It's pretty complex so that's why we used a wedding planner.  Do you speak Italian?

  • RobynxxRobynxx Posts: 658

    We used book of dreams as it is so complex.

    you need to send your documents to Milton Keynes to be officially stamped. Also, you need to keep in mind the Italian courts shut down July and August I think so you best do some digging soon as you don't want to miss getting the paper work done. My wedding planner has had our documents since May so she can get it all done at the courts before they shut down, we are getting married in July.

    good luck! 

  • Wild4Wild4 Posts: 8

    We used a planner however once the documents had been translated and sent to italy we had to go to the town hall in the area we were getting married. 

    We were then asked questions similar to those asked when you get your certificate of no impediment and about your witnesses - however thankfully our planner was with us to translate. 

    Make sure if you don't speak italian you have a translator. We would not have been able to do this on our own. 

    Hope all goes well. 

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