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We have decided on marrying in Cyprus and absolutely love the look of Olympic lagoon resort in Nissi bay, we first  saw it in Thomas cook and was going to book through them but when researching into Thomas cook I have read a couple of bad reviews about weddings with them and it's made me nervous booking with them... Just wondering if anyone had any experiences with them? Any advice with other ways that it can be done, just help in general! Ideas, opinions any would be appreciated Greatly! 

So excited about this yet struggling with how to go about it! 



  • Lily31Lily31 Posts: 128

    Have you tried contacting the venue to see what they suggest? They will sometimes have their own planner. Alternatively just google local wedding planners, im sure past threads from this forum and others will come up in the search results. In my experience (I am getting married in Italy) independent planners are so much cheaper and more transparent and have a wealth of knowledge. I personally would never use a travel agent to book a wedding. 

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    Thanks for your reply! 

    Yes I have emailed them but haven't heard back yet... Just awaiting their response! 

    Thanks for your advice, think I will have a look at Google later and see what I can find! 

    Italy sounds lovely my partner was interested in Italy but couldn't see many venues in the brochure (probably find more looking yourself). 


  • GillP2GillP2 Posts: 332

    I would advised against booking with a travel agent, i would book your time away separately as this will keep the cost down, try local wedding planners for package costs and also try ionian weddings who cover lots of areas and offer really reasonable package deals. xx

  • Lily31Lily31 Posts: 128

    I used Ionian weddings for ideas. But then I contacted local wedding planners directly and they were great. The thing I didn't like about Ionian was they weren't willing to give you the extras price list until a couple of months before. Good luck! 

  • nicole18nicole18 Posts: 163 New bride

    Yeah you better not book through Thomas Cook! Find a local planner or contact the venue

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