Sorrento wedding better alone or with help? Budget ideas



I am looking at booking my wedding gift for July 2017 in Sorrento. 


I don't know if it is cheaper to do it alone or use a planner or travel agents?


I want my reception at lemon garden however this isn't cheap. Could any advise of their budget or a price list so I know where to begin.



Roxie xo


  • Louise256Louise256 Posts: 20

    By lemon garden, do you mean Ristorante 'O Parrucchiano? If so I had a meeting there last month as our potential reception venue, I can give you their price list :) 

  • Roxanne11Roxanne11 Posts: 2

    Yes the restaurant. Thank you I have a price list for them as I emailed them myself. 


    Just looking into hotels and wedding planners. Have you used a wedding planner louise256? 



  • Ciara17Ciara17 Posts: 1

    Hi ladies,


    I was in Sorrento last summer and fell in love with it! We plan on getting married there June 2019 (while away yet!)


    Any advice ye have on venues, wedding planners, what we should budget etc I'd be so grateful  ?? Xx

  • Louise256Louise256 Posts: 20

    Not as such, our reception venue is at Hotel Mediterraneo but they're arranging the ceremony for us too.  I found most places have their own wedding planners so I didn't see the point in paying for another one to act as a middle man! Worked out a lot cheaper that way, and we get accommodation included in our package so don't have to worry about that either. 

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