Get married in Cyprus... and do all the leg work yourself???

My H2B and I want to get married in cyprus 2018, thinking any time from end of June through to end of August. We have 2 kids who will be 10 and 11 when we get married. Some of our family members will be attending but we want them to book their own hotels and stays themselves.

We have spoken to a travel agent but unfortunately we can't book anything until apr/may of next year. Now from what I gather on this and another forum that using a travel agent mat not be the best option anyway. 

Q1. Can I book the venue etc myself and if so what are the cancellation polices if we are unlucky at getting flights on those dates when they become avaliable?

Q2. How do we apply for marriage license?

Q3. Which should we book first... wedding venue or hotel to stay during our time in cyprus if separate?

 I'm sure I will have so many more questions...

Thanks 😊


  • Sarah398Sarah398 Posts: 266

    Have you looked at travel companies that only cater for weddings in Cyprus?

    That would be my starting point, as the benefits for me would be that they could co ordinate all of the arrangements i.e. flights, hotel, venue etc.

  • Sarah671Sarah671 Posts: 457

    I booked my August 2018 wedding through a wedding planner called Ionian weddings, they recommend booking early for cyprus and Greece as they are very popular. So far the wedding planners have been fab, giving me loads of info when I ask for it even tho it's quite a long time off now. Have you tried any of these? Perfect weddings abroad also do Cyprus weddings and are supposed to be quite good from what Iv heard x

  • MrsB_2_beMrsB_2_be Posts: 2

    Thank you 😊

    I'm currently googling all the information for you have given me.

    At first I wanted the Olympic Lagoon Resort in nissi bay but a close friend has chosen this venue too so decided to go for something else so each of our days is all about us and not compared to what the other has... it makes sense to me lol

    Anyway I've been looking more closer at venues that aren't hotels or resorts, like the Paphos Town Hall, it's such a beautiful building! 

    I'm thinking married in the town hall then find a nice restaurant for our meal etc. Still want a great hotel, maybe a little bit too expensive for the wedding and reception though once you factor in having to pay for guests to even attend the weddingredients never mind their meal etc...  aahhhh decisions decisions 😀

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