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Double booked venues abroad

Anyone else had an issue with wedding abroad venue being double booked....  This is what happened to me at the green olive in paphos Cyprus. Otherwise known as the secret garden


We booked this venue 2 years in advance and paid a deposit. Despite having all this confirmed with haris the owner we arrive 4 days before our wedding on 31st may to be told by him he had double booked us! Cue a horrendous 3 days of venue hunting as he refused to allow us to use the venue which I later found out is likely because the other wedding was double size (he has never told us honestly why). We found a new venue vasillas inn which was actually better but haris has behaved appallingly during this problem and has never compensated us for our loss of holiday and upset. He did pay for the extra costs for the vasillas inn which in my opinion was the bare minimum he could do. I have given him opportunity to respond and make amends directly but he refuses to reply. Be ware!!!
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