Wedding in Italy!!

Hi all , I am very newly engaged and planning on marrying early 2018. We originally wanted to get married at home in Ireland but now we are eager to go to Italy. We currenlty live in the UK and I am wondering if anyone has any tips on starting our planning. 

Has anyone had or can recommend a wedding planner? If you have or haven't do you think we need one ? 

Have no idea where to start.

Thanks for any ideas or comments xx 


  • minnie86minnie86 Posts: 4

    Hi Stacey


    I'm getting married in a few weeks time in Italy.. I've used a planner, she has been fantasitc, i've had no stress at all, she has taken care of everything from ceremoney, boat hire, make up and flowers etc


    I'm currently doing my documents.. We needed a CONI from our local registrar - In England, bilingual declaration signed/stamped by a solicitor - sent these away to get notarised in Milton Keynes then mailed them to Italy where the planner then takes it to the Italian court to be sworn/translated ready for your ceremony... i reccomend a planner to take all the hassle away! The document part seems hard work but the planner keeps you right all the way.


    Sally or Zaira @ Wedding Box Lake Como.


    Minnie xx

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