Hi Everyone

Me and my partner are looking at having our wedding in July/August 2018 in Lake como.  The venue we are looking at for the ceremony and reception is Vila Balbianello, its quite pricey once everything is included like the 2 hours extra hire and free bar etc

I am looking for any advice from you lovely ladies with things like Flowers, DJ's, Boat hire, Makeup and Hair, photographer, videographer etc and also whether its worth hiring a Wedding Planner, any recommendations would be really appreciated!

Also if anyone has any suggestions for other venues they can recommend that overlook Lake Como that would be great, im not sure our budget is going to cover the venue we want :(

Thanks in advance  





    Hey I went and saw loads of Italy wedding venues including loads on lake como - I have reviewed them all on the thread above with pictures... Lake Como is the most expensive part of Italy that we looked at but if you want any advice or have any questions about any of the places we looked at just let me know XD xx

  • Hi congratulations! We got married at Villa Cipressi in Varenna and had our reception at Lido di Lenno. We are on our 1st anniversary in Lake Como now and cant recommend these enough after another welcoming return. We had 55 guests for our wedding and all stayed at Bellagio. We used RPS wedding photograph & video - Carlo and his team were unbelievable, we loved them and their work & they more than reasonable for cost. We used Mario Pirovano from Bellagio for our florist who again was really helpful. For transport we used Lido di Bellagio for our large guest boat (via hotel Silvio) who were quite abit cheaper and used Barindelli Taxi's via Filippo, he has a lovely boat and was also most reasonable. Hair and make up we used Carmine hairstyle Bellagio on Facebook who offered a trial & came to the hotel which was great.

    Hope this helps you, if you have any questions please feel free to ask. We didn't use a wedding planner, everything went smoothly as everyone was so helpful and the saving from not having a planner allowed us to push the budgets in other areas.


    Kylie & Luke x

  • Just to add from the previous review.. 

    We got married at 12.30pm & had drinks at Villa Cipressi for almost 1.30/2hrs.. our guests were at Lido di Lenno for 3.30pm and we arrived around 4pm. We had an aperitif until around 5.30pm, speeches until 6. Dinner until 8(ish) and so on.. We had our boat collect us around 12.15/30am and the music was great and plenty loud enough until this point and I suspect would have continued for longer (We wish we had stayed that bit longer!) Just wanted to point out as the review had said you can't get there until 6pm.. everything is negotiatable as they want to give you the best day possible!

  • Thanks Kylie that's really helpful ans sounds Lovely, I will have a look at those venues.  it's so hard to pick a venue as they all look amazing, did you view them beforehand?

    Italy Bride - thank you for that, would you say it's worth while going to view the venues beforehand? we was thinking about this.  

    Do you both mind me asking how many guests you had and the overal price (including the flowers, photographer etc) 

    we really have our heart set on Villla Balbianello but its just so expensive, I think at the very least we will have the ceremony there and then possibly the reception at another location. 


    Thanks Again X 

  • I 100% think going out to see everywhere was the best decision we made!!! Seeing the venues in real life showed them in a different light and we got a great feel for where was 'us' 😄 It was a hectic week as we drove/train from lake Como all the way down to Sorrento so it was CRAZY lol but really fun XD and our favourites before we went were completely different to where we chose in the end! So well worth it!


    Our overall budget is £22000 and about half of that is the package itself which includes exclusive venue, ceremony costs etc, meal and drinks with dinner, cocktail hour, flowers, chair covers and overall includes everything else photographer, dress etc, all decs, hair and make up etc etc!!! We are basing on about 60pax atm xxx

  • We have only ever visited the area so cannot advise on places or people to use.  I wholeheartedly suggest a wedding planner, most do packages so you can have as much or as little help i.e. just the paperwork, as you need. We have gone not quite for the all inclusive package, but our planner will do almost everything for us. 

    In terms of visiting, again cannot recommend this enough, have a few places in mind to visit and don't just rely on pictures from the internet. Our wedding planner coordinated ours for us, and it was the wild card that we picked for exclusive use even though I thought I knew what we wanted.

    Also remember the £ is quite week against the Euro, this time last year we were getting another 30 cents to the pound so your budget wont stretch quite so far. Our budget is £15000, all in and only for 14 people. We are paying for a pre wedding dinner, post wedding brunch and transport between venues and from the airport as not everyone is comfortable driving abroad. As well as all flights and accommodation, even though our guests are not expecting it.

    There are some good threads on here about weddings abroad and remembering that it is your choice of destination and not necessarily your guests, if Lake Como is expensive for you it will also be for some of your guests so there is almost an expectation to do a bit more i.e. entertainment and excursions without getting on top of each other.

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    Hi Louise, 

    I just wondered how you were getting on with your wedding plans and where you decided in the end. After getting engaged in Como, we also want a Como wedding. 

    Have you used a planner or doing it by yourself? 

    Balbianello is a fantastic venue 


  • Amazing thread!


    I've just got engaged and we are either looking at Lake Como or Florence. 

    Villa Balbianello is my absolute dream but I too think it's out of my budget. My budget for the entire wedding is £25-30k for around 70 people so wouldn't want to go much more than £18-£22k on venue to allow for all of the other costs. 

    Louise - is Balbianello working out around £25k for the whole day? 

    if anyone has any venues in mind please let me know. I've started looking at Florence too and again it's pretty expensive. 


    i am desperate not to get married in the UK but if I'm spending £25k I'd ideally like more than 30 people. Villa San Michelle in Florence is about £15,000 for 20 people and im anticipating at least 70 people! 


  • I'm available for your wedding in Italy!  I'll send you a pm :)

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  • Hi Everyone

    Sorry for the lack of response, had a hectic year and put our wedding plans on hold.

    We are no back in full swing with the planning.

    We have decided we will hire Balbienello for 3 hours and get married there and have drinks, then move on to a restaurant on the lake.  We are trying to keep the numbers to 70max.

    How is everyone getting on with their planning?

    We have also decided to use a wedding planner and meeting up with her in a few months to view some venues.  All very exciting.

    Can anyone give me an idea of how much the boat trips cost for around 70 people, flowers, hair and makeup etc 

    Thanks :)

  • I am writing this as I have recently planned and had my own Lake Como wedding (25/08/17) and I got so much information from these forums. If it wasn’t for the people before me sharing their information and experiences I would have really struggled so I’m hoping any information I can provide may help others who are still planning or just starting.

    Venue: We did a lot of research online into ceremony and reception venues and then thought it was best to go over to Italy for the weekend and have a look around. I can recommend this enough as it turned out that we didn’t like any of the reception venues on our short list and picked somewhere that wasn’t on our radar.

    Guests: 51 (including us)

    Civil Ceremony – Villa Carlotta: This was perfect for us, so beautiful and staff helpful

    Reception Venue – Hotel Belvedere in Bellagio, as soon as we viewed it we knew it was the place for us. The manager was fantastic, all the stationary and table décor I made and took with me was placed perfectly, that staff worked tirelessly to ensure our day ran smoothly and nothing seemed like too much trouble. Oh and the food was gorgeous! They also provided our cake! J

    We stayed in Bellagio and recommended that our guests did also. This worked well as all accommodation was close to the evening venue. I hired 2x boats

    Small Boat: Filippo Barindelli – this was for me and the bridesmaids on the way to the ceremony and for me and my husband on the way back. The moments either way on this boat were so so special. Also we left an envelope containing 1300Euro on the boat (whoops) and Filippo called our photographer to inform us!

    Large Boat: Galli Boat Service – this company was great we hired their 80 seater boat to ensure the guests had enough room. Also our videographer and musicians jumped on too. 

    Photographer: Daniela Tanzi – Daniela was reasonably priced and very helpful in the lead up to the wedding. I haven’t yet received the official photos so can’t provide too much info here. I did produce a list of photos I wanted taking however in the moment and due to the heat I didn’t insist on this being carried out. Looking back I regret that decision as I haven’t got some photos I know I would have loved. 

    Videographer: Riccardo Ugo (Mr Movie) – We couldn’t decide if to book a videographer as we had overspent and knew it wasn’t necessary. 2 weeks before our wedding I thought if we are spending so much then I want it filmed and I found Riccardo online! I cannot recommend him enough!!!!! He was fab on the day and so helpful, providing us with napkins when we were very hot, water when we were thirsty and his car to drive us up to the wedding reception venue! If all that wasn’t enough we absolutely LOVE our wedding video. We have a trailer and a 10 min video. Also we look a hard drive with us and Riccardo saved all the raw footage to it before he left in the evening.

     Florist: Mario Pirovano – He was based in Bellagio, we didn’t have much contact leading up to the wedding which occasionally made me apprehensive but I had decided what I liked using the internet and Pinterest and sent photos. Also I sent a photo of the B’maid dress colour. Once I had done this I had to just hope. The flowers arrived on the morning of the wedding and they were beautiful, later I arrived at the reception venue to see centre piece and I was blown away. I was so happy with them and reasonably priced too. One regret is that I left without taking any with me so didn’t get to enjoy they for longer.

     Translator: Rita Annunziata – Rita is based in Bellagio and was fantastic, our guests even commented on how upbeat lively and professional she was. Sh

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    Hello everyone, I’m planning my wedding for August 2018 as well and it’s 10 guests with a $10,000 budget. I wanted to do Villa Balbianello but it seems to be too expensive. I would love to know Who you all recommend for wedding planning? I’d love to get married on Lake Como and under budget. Any advice?


  • Hi! I live in Lake Como and I work for a company that organize weddings and private events so, if you want, I can help you during your wedding planning.

    Villa Balbianello is one of the most expensive villas on the lake and not so easy to find a date available. This villa has three different rates: 1) Villa open to public till 18 2) Villa closed to public from 18/Mondays/Wednesday 3) Saturdays.

    To give you an idea, 2 hours ceremony without cocktail for max 10 guests:

    - Villa open to public : € 2.100,00+VAT 22%

    - Villa closed to public/Mondays/Wednesdays : € 4.400,00+VAT 22%

    - Saturday: € 4.400,00+VAT 22%

    If you want to do a cocktail after ceremony, add € 600,00+VAT 22%

    If you decide to use Villa Balbianello, you have to use their suppliers. They are really strickt on this.

  • Hi maddelana, 

    would you what the prices would be for 80 guests? 


  • Hi Everyone


    We went to Lake Como and stayed in Bellagio, we viewed Balbienno and also a restaurant called Aqua Dolce, we fell in love with both of them.

    However, unfortunately I don't think that this going to fit our budget, so we are now looking in to other options, ideally restaurants that don't charge a rental fee.

    How is everyone getting on with their planning?

    We are now also debating whether to just hold the whole thing in one place and not do the ceremony at Balbienno, its so tough to decide!

    Any help and advise would be appreciated.



  • Hi, 

    For those of you looking for a venue have you considered Villa Aura del Lago? (previously called Corte Del Lago?) This is the venue we have booked it is around 15 minute drive from a bellagio. It faces onto the lake and the dinner will be served on tables next to it. The operating company in Class Eventi which is useful as they are also the cater. 

    We originally plan to marry at the Catholic Church in Varenna but due to a change in priest and rules in the district this is no longer possible. We are now planning to marry at a small church near  venue. 

    We looked at over 10 venues in Lake Como and did extensive research in Verona, Tuscany and actually the south of France.

    If any wants anymore details on this or other things villa then please drop me a message. We marry in June this year! 


  • Hi everyone,

    I am make up artist working at the Lake Como


    I was also a wedding planner in this area if you have any questions.

    You can contact me via fb!



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    Hi Ashley 27,

    We are getting married at villa carlotta this summer. I have emailed Daniela Tanzi for a quote, she does seem reasonable but I was a little concerned that you had not received your official photo's 2 months after your wedding. Did you receive them, and were you happy with them? 




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    Hello Dawn and MrsT2017,

    I had added  makeup artist Daniela Guanziroli as I’ve seen her work On Instagram from another bride that married in lake como. I’m also planning My wedding for this year in lake como and had messaged Daniela Tanzi for a quote. She’s quick in responding but I’m not sold on her work and now hearing you’ve been months without your pictures, it scares me a little. Any opinions on which venue is better: Villa Cipressi or Villa Vittoria? Haven’t been able to decide. 

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    Honestly couldn’t recommend villa Cipressi enough, it was just perfect for us x

  • Dawn83Dawn83 Posts: 3

    Thank you Mrs T2017, 

    That does seem like a long time to wait for you photographs.  I hope they come through soon. I will check out Daniela Guanziroli.


  • Hi all,

    I am SO happy I found this board. Id like a lame Como wedding (small, 20-30 people) but I have no idea where to begin. any suggestions for venues perfect for that size would be greatly appreciated 

  • Hi Ladies, I am so glad I stumbled on this thread. I am also getting married in Italy but can't decide which location, I love the almafi coast and Lake Como but both destinations are quite pricey.  We will have about 30 guests and I want to have a civil outdoor ceremony, reception in a nice villa & possibly accommodation or would it be better to do it in a different place. 

    I live in Canada and currently am in Munich to visit my family. I am planning to go to drive to Italy with my sisters and want to check out few villas. My wedding will be September but I can't afford to come back to Europe before my wedding. So this is the only time I can go and check any venues in person.

    Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks Aurela

  • Hi Aurela, 

    I sent you a PM. 

  • Hello,


    I’m getting marring in Lake Como in August. We’re having our ceremony and reception in Aura Villa del Lago. We have quite a lot of people coming but our closest friends can also stay in the Villa with us. 


    We arrive 4 days before the wedding, having my hen party there and pre drinks at Lido di Bellagio. Managed to reserve a terrace there, that way we get to see everyone before the actual wedding. Lido di Bellagio is meant to be great for having drinks and a little dance. We have asked all guests to meet us at a venue in bellagio, where they will get a boat to the Venue. Still to arrange the boat, as well as transfers back.


    Has anyone got any recommendations for buying fairy lights/candles ect. Our wedding planner is coming back with quotes beyond ridiculous. Also, still need to get flowers and bridesmaid dresses. Eeeeeek 



  • I am also getting married in Lake Como this summer!! We chose Relais Villa Vittoria in Laglio for our welcome wine tasting, ceremony, and reception, but we also reserved Balbianello after hours (6pm) for a private photoshoot(500euro) and our guests will be coming with us.  We live in Texas in the USA but went to Como to check it out last summer and take our engagement photos.

    Regarding photographers, Riccardo Bestetti is quite good, Daniela Tanzi was a bit sour when timing didn't work out with Balbianello for us to use her, and Daniela Guanzirolli and Louise were AWESOME (they're super fun to be around too) to work with for hair & makeup as well as Duilo at Como Classic Boats for the Riva boats.

    1 question I have, those of you that already have been married in Como, what did you do for tabletop chargers for your wedding and what should the florals cost approximately?  I received a quote from one florist but it seems really expensive.

    We are bringing our photographers and videographer from the USA with us for this but I highly recommend Riccardo -  I'll attach a few photos from our engagement session to this thread in case people are interested in his work and Daniella Guanzirolli's work :)


  • For some reason this site makes the photo quality off, but I promise they're beautiful :)

  • Hi everyone,

    Thank you for sharing all these posts, they are so helpful (to someone who has no idea where to start)!

    My fiance and I would love to get married in Lake Como, we have looked at a few different venues online and are flying out at the end of March to view some. We visited Villa Balbianello a couple of years ago and loved it, but want to keep our options open (plus everything is so expensive)!!

    I contacted a wedding planner who gave me prices for rentals/ ceremonies/ meals etc- so we can price that up. What I am really struggling to price is the other stuff. Such as photographer/ videographer/ make up and hair/ cake/ music/ flowers etc.

    Can anyone help at all please, just rough costs would be so helpful.

    We haven't decided on a budget yet as we just have no idea what a wedding costs. We want to be able to price everything up and then we can see which venues are the right price etc.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.

    Chantal x

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