When to book!

we've decided to get married in Corfu in May 2018

we're going to book through Thomson. Does anyone know when we will be able to book it as the brochure goes up to 2017

also any advice or any information about a wedding abroad would be greatly appreciated!



  • Helen225Helen225 Posts: 861 New bride

    I don't know if you can book weddings earlier, especially if you're booking a package with the flight included but scheduled flights always go on sale 11 months beforehand. Not sure if that helps or not 

  • We booked our honeymoon with Kuoni, our flights were about 4 months off being released at the point of booking but were secured without us having to do a thing, no hassle at all, so that wasn't an issue. They know the general prices of flights around that time of year and, in fact, the price of our honeymoon went down once flights were confirmed.

    As someone who booked their wedding just under 2 years prior, we've benefited so much from booking early. We've got some great deals and upgrades just because of when we booked. 

    I'd check with your travel agent and see what they can do, you may get some great upgrades as its your wedding and you're commiting so early to such a package. I work for a travel co. but I'd say always use a travel agent with high spends such as this. They will always be your point of contact and will be the ones to sort out any issues. Try and get everything confirmed in writing or email too, even your room type etc. Always cover yourself just in case. 

    How exciting for you though? It will be a beautiful wedding in Crete 😊

  • Hi Pippa,

    You made great choice, Corfu is amazing island and you will love it. I made my wedding in Santorini and I made next day to Corfu when we was there for our honeymoon and I love this island.

    Many wedding planners are bassed there and I can recommend you some if you want.

    My photographer was Ben Photography, highly recommended from me, they will help you in prices for sure. Ben's facebook page is:  https://www.facebook.com/benos.rigas


    July :)

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