UK Based Wedding planner for Sorrento ( will fly out and be with you)

Hi All, 

I got married in Sorrento at the end of April this year, we had our ceremony at Villa Fondi and our reception at Don Pedro's farm. We lost our 1st venue which was in Gaeta and had to fly back out for an emergency trip, we saw 13 venues in 3 days (up and down the Amalfi Coast) before we picked ours. I found trying to arrange a wedding from the UK in a diffident country was a little stressful as the Italian way is far more relaxed than I was used to.I did not use a planner and organised everything myself,  I am a free lance event organiser by trade so I have decided to extend this into what has fast become my obsession, planning weddings. 

I would be very happy to offer any advice re getting married in Sorrento please feel free to just ask.


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