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Hello all. Me and my fiancé got engaged in Venice Feb 2015, we paid a £500 deposit to double tree Chester not long after for June 2018 but after adding all the costs up, and seeing how beautiful Santorini is our heads have been turned.. 


The problem(which everybody probably have) is WHERE in Santorini, there is so many beautiful places it's to hard to choose from, i think we've got our heart set on Theros Wave Bar for the night do with no cut off time for the music But we are struggling where to have the day?

also Iv searched the Internet high and low and can barely find any rough prices for the whole wedding so could ANYBODY help with a rough price please. 


There would be roughly 40/50 guests.


thank you in advance 


  • Hi,

    I seen that you want help about Santorini. My husband is photographer there and he knows all the best venues.

    One great venue is LeCiel in Imerovigli, they can also make and reception there but the prices are little bit highy.

    An economy ceremony venue is Santo Irini Chapel or Andromeda, those 2 has good prices, or you can check SantoWinery.

    Also if you want music for all the night and a great price my husband told me that you have a great choice if you choose Oceanids,

    this venue is exactly on the beach, you can have your wedding there and the reception will be in the same place so they will make you a great price for sure, and the owner is wedding planner. That's all :)

    If you still looking for a photographer my husband profile in facebook is 

    and his name is Ben, he told me that he can make you a great prices for this service, if you need any more help you can contact with him.


    Juli :)

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