June 2017 in Cyprus

Hi people,

My wedding date and venue are already set for next June in Cyprus, but we are needing help and advice regarding wedding photography, 

Now this can be included in the package with the wedding planner but looking more into it, it really doesn't suit what we require nor does it seem very good value.

Basically our wedding is set for 3pm and as my favourite place to go and watch sunset has always been cape greco and the caves area I wanted to go there for some sunset photos,but this is the issue.

As my partner is from London we found you can hire a convertible London white cab which I thought was a fab idea, for the wedding but considering the wedding is at 3 at ammos beach, sunset isnt going to be til around 730pm - 8pm, it was suggested after the ceremony we go to the caves etc for photos (but this isnt going to be sunset!) then go for meal around 5pm, the cab only covers 2 way trip but if pay extra will go to the caves/cape greco but I'm assuming this would be immediately after the ceremony and still too early for sunset as would be around 4pm, sunset photos have to be booked as an add on to a normal photography package and the only way they go to Cape greco is if you book the photos with a white limo,else they are just taken around the area you are dining/staying at

Sunset pics cost around €320 for 12  (€380 if I wanted to go to Cape greco using their limo)photos, package I was originally going for with the wedding planner only included 24 photos for €485. 

So in total to get half of what I want would cost €805

I know myself from having photoshoots done of my kids when they were little it is very hard to cherry pic a handful of images, and 36 photos from however many they take during a day is not going to be easy. My partner has said it's pointless us paying for this if it's not what we want ie not sunset shots at the place WE want 

I don't want a limo! as that was the whole idea of hiring the london cab for an extra hour ! Plus after going for meal at 5,having to trek everyone back to the cape greco a couple of hours later don't seem feasible,and now it doesn't seem as though the timing of the ceremony would even fit with any sunset pics.argggghhh  

Can anyone recommend a good photographer who will do what you require, you don't mind paying for things that are what you want and not what works best for them.we are not having a big wedding and only a handful of people will be attending. 

I contacted one photographer who I thought looked good but he is already booked on my date, the whole thing is starting to be one big headache lol 

Many thanks in advance 


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