Calling all Umbria & Tuscany Brides 2017

Hi ladies, are any of you getting married in Italy next year? We're just about to book our dream venue in Umbria and I would love to know how you're all getting on. I'm still looking for a photographer and make up artist for the day. 


  • Hi there, we are also looking to get married in Italy next year but haven't narrowed down to a venue yet.  How did you find your place in Umbria?

  • Jne482 I've been looking for ages and came across this search website you can filter by region, so it's really handy. I've found my venue here. I'm going to Italy next week to view it and hopefully will book it when we're there. Can't wait! 

    i struggled to find a venue that doesn't require booking for the entire week. We only want to stay there for 3 nights and definitely not paying for all guests to stay for more then 1 night. Our venue only sleeps 20, so we'll have the family and bridesmaids there and this remaining 30 guests will stay in other hotels, but we're not covering the cost. 

    What is your ideal venue? I have lots of quotes I can send you over :) x

  • We got engaged in June this year and getting married in June 2017. We know Italy well and the Tuscan region was a no brainer for us. Didnt' take it long to narrow down to the Siena region. 

    We have a wedding planner who is taking care of most things, popped over to view venues for ceremony and villas for exclusive use for wedding party and booked before we left for home (I got emotional at both the places we have booked). So the date is set, we have the two most important elements sorted and a caterer. Save the dates have been sent and I have decided to do nothing else until after Christmas. 


  • I'm getting married in Umbria/Tuscany in 3 weeks time.  We booked through Romantic Italian Weddings and are staying at Villa San Crispolto in Umbria, the service is in Cortona, Tuscany. It is an absolutely beautiful venue with stunning views of Lake a Trasimeno. I can't recommend this company enough if you haven't found your venue yet.  I was unsure about getting married abroad at first but they have made it such an easy experience and I've not had one regret since booking.

  • FerrariFerrari Posts: 4

    Hey Agata,

    Congratulations on your engagement!

    I am Italian and worked for many years in the UK, now I spend most of my time in Italy (I am based in Umbria) and provide Ferrari transfers / music services across the country for English clients or English-speakers.

    If you would like more information then do let me know, my email address is below. I totally understand that you are just trying to get a feel for costs and everything else so there is absolutely no obligation if you do choose to write.

    Some pictures :

    Best wishes,


    [email protected]

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    Hi Guys,

    Sorry for crashing your post! Please message me and I will delete if not appropriate! I am a Level 3 student at the University of Wolverhampton that has left herself little time to actually collect results for my dissertation! It is about getting married abroad so I am looking for brides who have already done it or brides to be who have already booked or are looking to book! Therefore I really really really would be grateful if you could fill out the survey on the link below! It is completely anonymous so I would appreciate if you could be as honest as possible.

    Thank you in advance! xx

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