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Choosing photography packages

i will be getting married in june 2017 in cyprus,i would be interested to know from any brides that have had their big day or ones that are due to get married,what did you choose ? 

There are so many options,does it come down to cost or is it not an issue as photographs will be the only physical memory  of the day to look back on.


would you go for all photos on cd option and then have a selection printed back in uk

some offer digital storybooks ,deluxe storybooks ,dvds,

some people have told me to just give guests a disposable camera and let them take photos,bit of a risk 

would you want all day photography over just them starting when you arrive at the ceremony 

if the photographer takes photos of the bridal prep how do they also get photos of the groom 


its hard doing it in a different country as you cant physically see what on offer before you buy so to speak ,but you only get one shot with the photography so dont want to end up regretting a decision later down the line


  • If photography is that important to you, you could always take one with you :) it may be cheaper than you think.  Alternatively, I'd get a digital package and get it all sorted once you are over here and can actually see samples etc.  With regards to Bridal prep - it is often just that, and the groom gets left out unless you have a second photographer x  

  • Hi Suze.

    I am a wedding photographer/videographer here in Cyprus and have captured hundreds of weddings over the years.

    There are a large number of suppliers here who offer different packages with prices to suit all budgets so my advice would be to check out what you get for the money as it can vary enormously from one photographer to another. Ask questions like how long are they with you? Does it include speeches and first dance? Does it include a separate couple/sunset shoot? (some charge extra) Are they a solo photographer or is there a second shooter?  How many images are you likely to get?  Make a list of the things that are important to you so you can compare them.

    If budget is tight then a cd or usb package would probably work for you, then you choose and print your images as you want.

    Some photographers here will (as you said) only be with the bride for prep but others (like me) have more than one photographer so can be with the groom at the same time.

    Finally, sometimes it is not the best idea to bring your own photographer for a number of reasons, not least that by the time you have paid for their flight/accommodation/food etc., it is probably cheaper to source one here on the island. Prices here are a good deal cheaper than in the UK. Also, by choosing a local one you will have their knowledge of locations etc., and also experience of the light here as it is a good deal stronger than the UK

    I hope I have answered some of your questions but if I can help at all, just let me know. 

    Happy planning!




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