Anyone getting married at Alexander The Great Paphos in 2017?

We are getting married at Alexander The Great in August 2017 and I am interested in hearing peoples experiences, views, tips and advice to help plan for our big day!

Did anyone else use Perfect Weddings Abroad, what were your experiences? 

What was the wedding breakfast like in the hotel?
What was the hair and make up like?
What was the Photographer like?
Was the staff courteous and helpful?

Any information you can give will be really helpful.  Thank you in advance.  Alison


  • Hi Alison

    I am a wedding photographer/videographer and have captured lots of weddings at the Alex the Great. It is a stunning venue.

    Did you book your photographer through the hotel or tour company? Each have their own list of suppliers, but you can also book your own.

    If you would like to see any of our weddings there, just let me know. I would be happy to show you examples.

    Have a wonderful wedding!

    Brenda x

  • Janine17Janine17 Posts: 1

    Hi Alison.

    We are getting married there in a few weeks. 

    We stayed at the hotel in 2015 and I spoke to one of the brides getting married in the hotel about her hair and make up and her comments were very positive and it looked lovely. The food in the hotel is excellent. We have chosen a BBQ buffet for our wedding breakfast as we wanted people to have a variety and be able to choose themselves. It is still a sit down meal. We are using Saffron photography and Paul has been really helpful. We like their lovely candid shots. The staff are wonderful and so helpful in the hotel. You will have an amazing time but I will pop back and let you know how it all went!!


  • Alison118Alison118 Posts: 3

    Hi Janine

    i have just noticed your response, thank you very much for getting back to me.

    Would love to hear back from you with how it all went, I guess you may already be married now. Hopefully speak soon. Congratulations to you both :) x

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