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Personal experiences needed for cyprus wedding please

Hi There.

Firstly congrats to all of the happy couples getting wed :)


Ok so we are getting married next October in cyprus. 

We have so far booked peyia town hall and also shipwreck edro 111, both for the ceremony and then we are going to visit later this year to see which one we like the most. 

After the ceremony we are going to have a bbq at the villa we've booked.

I was just wondering (as I'm too intrigued to wait until our holiday later this year) if anyone has got married at either of the venues. The municipality have said the shipwreck is as private as the town hall gardens however photos on the Internet show it very open and "touristy". I would prefer not having tourists watch my wedding however the seaview is simply amazing. 

We aren't using a planner, simply due to the fact we are having a bbq at our villa afterwards so we wouldn't need the full package wedding planners offer due to not needed reception decors etc. 

5 children so trying to keep it in budget (especially after paying the flight price for the kids haha). 

Anyone who's been to either of these for their wedding please let me know your experiences.

Thank yoooooou:)


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