Montenegro wedding- help please!

Hi guys,

I will hopefully be getting married in 2018 and I'm in the early stages of planning. My top choices are somewhere in Italy or Croatia and Montenegro has been mentioned a few times so is top of my list right now. Has anyone ever been/got married there/been to a wedding there? 

Any help or advice would be appreciated. 




  • Hi Amy,

    All three places are stunning- I live in Italy (I am a wedding planner/stylist- English born and bred though) so I am biased, but Italy has something about it that I don't think you can quite find anywhere else. Having said that the scenery in Montenegro is incredible and it a little more up-and-coming as a destination wedding location meaning prices can be reasonable.

    What kind of wedding are you looking for? Approx. no of guests? Approx. bugdet? General feel- ie. chic and informal or more grand and luxury?

    Feel free to DM me or email [email protected] for any other help and advice- I do not charge for enquiries and there is no obligation :) 

    Best wishes,


  • Ciao Catherine ;)


  • Hi Amy,

    I'm getting married in Croatia in July 2017 and managed to find a wedding planner who so far has been very helpful and we even went out to Dubrovnik to meet her and to take a look at some venues. I'm still in the planning stages myself (venue booked now though) but happy to recommend her based on my experience so far :) Her name is Ivana from Dubrovnik Designs.

    Happy wedding planning!

    Lisa x

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