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When to send invitations?

I'm just wondering when you all sent out invitations out to guests for a wedding abroad?

Im not bothering with save the dates, it's just an extra cost so I just want to send out an invitation with all the information people need to be able to decide whether or not they can come And inform me sooner rather than later. We are getting married in June 2018. 

We are doing a villa wedding and so aren't exactly limited to a certain number of guests, but I need to know numbers for booking catering in - I personally would love to send them now so I can find out who will come and then I can budget my catering etc. but I know it's probably to early, but at the same time I dont want to send them to late as I know a lot of people will need time to save aside money as well as maybe know not to book their usual summer holiday for the same dates!

Im planning the whole wedding myself and like to be very organised so not knowing numbers yet makes me nervous  🙈


  • Helen225Helen225 Posts: 861 New bride

    I believe you usually send them around four months before but not sure if you're not doing save the dates. Depends on whether everyone would know the date by word of mouth before the invites went out.  

  • MissljwMissljw Posts: 10

    Thank you.

    If it was a UK wedding then I would think that's ok, and would probably do save the dates. But because it will be abroad people will need to book accommodation and flights ideally atleast 6months before to makes sure they can get a good price and 100% guarantee the Hotels and flights have spaces. And because of that need to know all the information about the wedding not just a date which is all they would get from a save the date.

    I know i would normally be planning and probably have booked next years summer holidays now if it wasn't for saving for the wedding, so if somebody invited me to a wedding abroad 4 months before there would be a limited chance of me going. 


  • MrsCallowMrsCallow Posts: 348

    Our wedding was abroad and we sent ours out early December. Our wedding was the beginning of July. It gave people time to save for their flights, sort out childcare (we had no children) and not book a summer holiday over our wedding date.

  • Hi,

    I would say it may be a bit early at this stage to consider sending invites even for a wedding abroad... think of all the info you might like to include on invitations such as menu options, hotel options, travel info (flights wont be released yet), gift list info or similar if you're having one, ceremony time etc... also people may say 'yeah we will come' at this stage but actually when the time comes not end up booking. Far better to send around 6-8 months before when they are able to actually book their flights and hotels etc at the time when they are invited so you will have more or less confirmed numbers. However, I completely get where you are coming from on wanting an idea of numbers and wanting people to be aware to start to save, and not book anything else, so we sent out the following as an email/ text/ fb message depending on what contact info we had for all our guests...



    As we're sure you probably already know, we are planning to get married next year in sunny Italy!

    We have chosen our venue, and will be booking it all in the next few weeks - for Friday xxxxxx 2017! So exciting 😄

    We would love for you to be able to join us out there, and wanted to drop a quick preliminary message to see if this is something that would be feasible for you? We hope that this will be a great holiday for you, as well as a special and unique wedding for us, shared with our closest friends and family! Of course, we completely understand that it may be too far to travel, but it would mean the world to us if you could be there to celebrate with us!

    Please could you let us know if you would be likely to attend, this is just to get an idea of initial numbers for us and would really help us in our planning! Official Save the Date will be sent after we have received the replies 😊

    Thanks in advance,



    We did also send an official paper save the date too afterwards, but probably wasnt necessary... I just wanted one as I love stationery haha XD We also launched a wedding website at that time so everyone can keep updated with the plans :) 


    Hope that helps! xx

  • MissljwMissljw Posts: 10


    The email idea is a good idea actually so people can get a bit more info and i was looking at the wedding websites earlier - who have you done yours with?

    I do know it's abit early now but I'm so excited to get on with all the planning I just want to do it! Haha I think I might do your email idea and then send the invitations mid next year. 

    We aren't inviting that many people, and the people we are we are close to so  i will probably get a rough idea as to who will actually come from just general chit chat about my wedding leading up to it. 

  • Hi,


    We are getting married in Ibiza in july next year. I didn't do save the dates either as I didn't feel like the responses to these were concrete enough to book numbers.

    We sent ours out in June this year! We set  the rsvp for 1st September which some people may think is very early but we know exactly how many people will be there now for catering.

    We also set up a wedding website. That way we can continue to give people info about accommodation and flights. X

  • wed172Bwed172B Posts: 1,258

    If it was me I'd probably send them with around a year to 9 months to go people need plenty of notice 

  • Sara50Sara50 Posts: 196

    I would say you need to wait until the flights and hotels prices are released before you send the actual invites out so about 10 months before. It's easy enough for people to rsvp but until they have actually booked their trip it's not confirmed so you won't know your definite numbers until closer to the date anyway.

    We got married in Italy in August and sent the invites in January with all the fight and accommodation information and people started booking straight away. We had previously sent save the dates though. 

    It's understandable that you need to know numbers for catering and people would probably want as much notice as possible so they don't make other holiday plans so I would either send everyone who you will be inviting a message or speak to everyone so they know about the dates and can start saving if necessary or think about doing save the dates, they don't have to be expensive - you can get some cost effective ones from eBay or vista print, and ask people to give you an early indication whether they think they will be able to attend. People can't commit until they know the cost of flights and accommodation.

     Also, a lot can happen in two years which may effect people being able to attend so anyone who may rsvp now doesn't necessarily mean they will still be able attend in two years time! We had four people  unable to come to our wedding after they had booked flights due to changes in personal circumstances. 

  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,345 New bride

    Hiya i got married in June and i gave out save the dates in 2014 so if people wanted to go they have plenty of notice then, i gave my invites out april 2015 as the holidays to book came out in the may so people knew were about to book so they had plenty of time to pay the holiday off x

  • It is way to early for invitations for a June 2018 wedding, RSVPs are usually only required 4 - 8 weeks before the actual date and final numbers before. 

    Do the save the dates, as they are exactly that and gives people the heads up of your special date so if they are booking holidays they hopefully wont clash. We are getting married in Italy in June 2017. We brought cheap save the dates from vistaprint, they actually looked very nice and were in keeping with the Tuscan theme (no one ever remembers the save the date / invitation so don't fret if they don't match) and gave some brief information on the back with when airlines release their flights and that we were providing accommodation for 3 nights. We sent these in September.

    Invitations with full details will go January / February with more details, as we should have firmed up some of the finer details by then. Our caterer has said 6 weeks before for final numbers and prices, but we have an agreed amount per head so can easily budget.

    I also wouldn't fret about people finding accommodation early either, I am a frequent traveller and there are so many options that they will always have a bed somewhere

  • HailsHails Posts: 2,455

    It's way too early for a formal invite. Send a save the date so people who are willing to make the effort to come know about it, then you can send your invites once flight and hotels are available to be booked.

  • MissljwMissljw Posts: 10

    Thankyou everyone. 


    Most people of been informed of the date and rough location through word of mouth so they are aware now and probably wouldn't get much out of a save the date. 

    I think I will leave main invitations till next year, I've also started to make a wedding website so people can keep up to date on all the details they need. 

    Thanks again. So much to get planning now other than worrying about invitations!! Exciting And scary!

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